Crocodile Shocked To Death After Making a Rookie Mistake By Biting an Electric Eel

In a remarkable display of nature's unpredictability, a recently surfaced video has taken the internet by storm. The footage showcases a crocodile, typically known for its predatory prowess, falling victim to an unexpected turn of events. The reptilian predator, in a momentary lapse of judgment, made a grave error by trying to kill and eat an electric eel. The consequences of this ill-fated encounter were nothing short of electrifying.

A crocodile attacking an electric eel

The video begins with the crocodile launching a ferocious attack on the electric eel in a muddy water, where electric eels naturally live in the north-east of South America. Normally, a crocodile would seize its prey and drag it beneath the water, swiftly ending its life. However, this particular encounter takes an unexpected turn, as the eel unveils its own formidable defenses.

Activating its nervous system, the eel generates electricity that is transmitted to the crocodile. As the electric current courses through the crocodile's body, it begins to thrash as it attempts to take on the eel. Ultimately, the crocodile succumbs to the overwhelming shock and meets its demise, while the eel remains ensnared within its powerful jaws.

How many volts do electric eels produce?

An Electric eel

Electric eels, a species of freshwater fish native to the Amazon and Orinoco basins in South America, are known for their remarkable ability to generate electric shocks. These shocks serve multiple purposes, including hunting prey, defending against threats, and communication with other eels. So, how many volts do these electric marvels actually produce?

Research suggests that adult electric eels can generate up to 600 volts of electricity - an astounding amount that is far higher than any other electric fish. It's worth noting that this voltage is not constant; rather, it is produced in short bursts lasting less than two milliseconds. Nevertheless, such high voltage discharges make the electric eel one of nature's most extraordinary bioelectric generators.

In 2019, a University of Central Florida Biologist, Professor William Crampton, achieved global recognition for making an astonishing breakthrough by recording the highest voltage ever generated by an electric eel. The electric eel, with an unprecedented voltage of 860 volts, shattered all previous records, leaving the scientific community in awe.

UCF Professor Will Crampton holding an electric eel

Can an electric eel kill a human?

Although rare, there have been documented cases of fatalities resulting from electric eel shocks. A mere jolt from this remarkable creature has the potential to induce drowning, even in shallow waters. Furthermore, repeated shocks can trigger respiratory or heart failure, posing a grave threat to human life, according to National Geographic. It is highly advisable to exercise utmost caution and completely steer clear of their habitat, refraining from engaging in activities such as fishing or swimming in these areas.


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