How Much is an Exotic Animal Licence in The UK?


In the United Kingdom, you are required by law to apply for and acquire a licence in order to possess certain animals that are classified as wild, dangerous, or exotic. These animals encompass primates, wild dogs, exotic cats, specific pig breeds, and marsupials.

An Iguana

The cost of an exotic animal licence in the UK varies depending on the specific animal and the local council area within which one resides. While there is no fixed national fee, it typically ranges from £150 to £800 per year. However, this price may not account for potential additional expenses such as inspection fees or veterinary costs specific to exotic animals.

The licensing process involves submitting detailed records of the pet's accommodation, habitat enrichment provisions, and a comprehensive welfare plan. Authorities require applicants to demonstrate their knowledge of species-specific needs and establish that they possess suitable conditions to house these animals safely. To obtain an exotic animal licence in the UK, you need to apply for it through your local council.

This article aims to explore the expenses associated with acquiring exotic animal licenses across various local councils in the UK.

Stafford Borough Council

In the Borough of Stafford, obtaining a licence to keep an exotic, dangerous, or wild animal comes with a fee of £160, in addition to veterinary expenses. Furthermore, the applicant must cover the costs associated with inspections conducted by the Council's authorized Veterinary Surgeon or Veterinary Practitioner. However, the licence will only be granted if the applicant is not disqualified or has not been convicted under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act of 1976. Visit the Stafford Borough Council's website for more info.


The fee for the Dangerous and Wild Animal Licence in the City of Bristol is £208, in addition to the inspection fees. The inspection fees are approximately £104 per hour, which may vary depending on the required veterinary surgeon, as well as the time and distance required for the inspection. The licence remains valid for a period of two years from the date of issuance, and it is your responsibility to ensure timely renewal before it expires. A veterinary surgeon and an Animal Health Officer will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises where the animal will be housed.

Bath and North East Somerset Council

In the Bath and North East Somerset unitary authority district, the cost of applying for a new Dangerous Wild Animals Licence is £348, with a renewal fee of £131 every two years. Upon receiving your application, the authorities will arrange for an Animal Welfare Officer to visit your premises and conduct an inspection. It is worth noting that the decision to grant or refuse a licence is solely at the discretion of the licencing authorities, even if all the specified conditions are met.


The cost of obtaining a new Dangerous Wild Animals license in Wiltshire is £280, with additional veterinary fees if required. For license renewals, the fee is £205. Should you need to make amendments to an existing license in Wiltshire, a fee of £45 will apply.

East Riding of Yorkshire

Obtaining a new dangerous wild animal licence in East Yorkshire entails a fee of £390. Additionally, you will be accountable for the expenses associated with a veterinary inspection, typically ranging from £150 to £400, depending on the scale of your operation. The granted licence remains valid for a period of two years from its issuance date. In the event of a licence denial in East Yorkshire, applicants have the right to appeal to the Magistrates Court. Such appeals can be made based on grounds of refusal, conditions imposed, variations, or revocations.

Borough of Swindon

In order to possess a dangerous wild animal within the Borough of Swindon, it is imperative for individuals to obtain a license, which comes with a fee of £250. However, the applicant or license holder is also responsible for bearing the complete expenses associated with veterinary advice and inspection. In the case of exotic animals, this may entail hiring a specialist, resulting in potentially substantial costs.

Additionally, the Council mandates the submission of proof of Public Liability Insurance, which should cover the expenses of any specialized veterinary consultancy. It is crucial to understand that decisions regarding the extent of specialist assistance required are solely at the discretion of the Swindon Borough Council.

Dartford Borough Council

If you are a resident of the Borough of Dartford, obtaining a new Dangerous Wild Animal Licence will incur a fee of £466. The renewal fee for this license is £417. Additionally, you will be responsible for covering the expenses of veterinary inspections conducted by a veterinarian authorized by the Council. It is important to note that if a license is granted, it will expire on the 31st of December each year. To ensure the uninterrupted possession of the animal(s) specified in the license, it is imperative that the license holder renews it prior to this expiration date.


As previously mentioned, it is imperative to apply for a license from your local council in order to keep a wild animal in the United Kingdom. It is worth noting that the fees for obtaining such a license can vary significantly depending on your place of residence. However, it is important to understand that certain circumstances may disqualify you from being granted a license. These circumstances include being disqualified from consideration, failing a premise inspection, or having a conviction under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act. Nevertheless, there are some exotic animals you can own without a licence in the UK.


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