Cute Dog Refuses To Walk Past Beautiful Cat in Hilarious Video

A dog's natural instinct is to chase cats, but in a hilarious turn of events caught on video, one dog defies that expectation. The video, titled "The dog said nope," has been making the rounds on Twitter. In the video, the dog is seen walking down a walkway when it suddenly spots a cat sitting nearby. Rather than chase the cat, however, the dog quickly changes direction and runs away. The cat, seemingly unfazed, remains sitting by the side of the walkway. The feline is apparently with its owner, who is apparently filming the incident, as there is a pet stroller by the side of the walkway.

A dog being fearful of a cat

You can watch the video below:

One Twitter user likened the dog's behavior to avoiding arguments in relationships, taking the high road instead. Another user emphasized the importance of choosing peace, even if it means going the other way.

The most common reason why dogs are afraid of cats is due to a negative or scary experience with a cat in the past. According to a Wikipedia article, being scratched by a cat can lead to a fear of cats in most dogs. On the other hand, cats can be quite territorial and may do things just to mess with a dog. This can leave the dog feeling frightened and anxious around the cat.


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