Abandoned Dog Runs Up To Texas Woman And Leads Her To An Abandoned House


Zully Vasquez Ventura, from Cleveland, Texas, was on a regular drive when she encountered a skinny dog in the middle of the road. She stopped to check on the dog but unfortunately, the dog ran away before Ventura could do anything. The next time Ventura saw the dog, she was heartbroken to see that the dog was malnourished and in distress.

An abandoned dog in Texas

Ventura, who has experience rescuing stray dogs in the area, knew she had to help. She picked up the pup, whom she named Nala, and drove her home to care for her. But she noticed Nala was still anxious and soon realized why. Nala had recently given birth, and her puppies were nowhere to be found. Ventura decided to take Nala back to where they first met, hoping the dog would lead her to her litter.

A rescued dog in Texas

Nala seemed to know exactly what Ventura wanted and took her to an abandoned house. Ventura searched the area and found Nala's six puppies hidden under the base of the house. Ventura was overcome with gratitude and awe at the dog's determination to lead her to her babies. She let go of the leash, and Nala reunited with her puppies. Ventura was thrilled to find that the puppies were all alive and well.

The puppies and their mother were taken to Sav-A-Pet Houston. Three of the puppies have since been adopted, but the other three and their mother are still waiting to find their perfect match. The puppies are adorable, and anyone looking for a new furry friend should consider giving them a home. Ventura's experience with Nala is a reminder of the importance of adopting rescue dogs. With a little love and care, these dogs can become an important part of any family.

You can donate to Ventura's rescue efforts if wish to help other dogs like Nala and her adorable puppies.

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