Kentucky Woman Sees Basket of Stuffed Animals and Notices Something Unusual About One

Brigette Brouillard, an animal expert who is the founder of Second Chances Wildlife Center in Mount Washington, Kentucky, was recently surprised by a resident of her Wildlife rescue.

Despite being an animal expert for several years, Brouillard was shocked by a little female Opossum named Yeti, who climbed into a basket of toys and camouflaged herself among the stuffed animals.

An Opossum name Yeti hiding among stuffed animals

Brouillard, who had seen Yeti sneak into other baskets before, told The Dodo that she was so surprised about how the opossum had managed to climb into this particular basket, which was a couple of feet off the ground.

This particular basket of stuffed animals has now become Yeti’s default go-to spot, which is soft and comfortable for her, according to Brouillard.

As a special needs Opossum, Yeti has been a resident of the Second Chances Wildlife Center since the fall of 2022. Due to her medical conditions, Yeti can’t return to the wild. Fortunately, the fuzzy girl has been given the chance to call Second Chances her forever home. As a result, she’ll get to camouflage herself among her favorite stuffed animals as long as she lives.

Brouillard says she enjoys watching Yeti prepare for her naps and she is regularly charmed by the sweet opossum’s antics. Overall, Brouillard says she loves how safe and comfortable Yeti feels in her environment.

Brigette Brouillard

Yeti is currently living the snug, luxurious life she deserves at Second Chances Wildlife Center, a place many bats, skunks, squirrels and other wild animals call home.

Below are some adorable photos of Yeti living a luxurious life at Second Chances.

Yeti the Opossum

Yeti the Opossum

Yeti the Opossum

Yeti the Opossum

Yeti the Opossum

You can follow Second Chances Wildlife Center on Instagram or Facebook to see more adorable photos of Yeti the Opossum.

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