180-Pound Mastiff Dog Waits Outside Every Morning To Greet His Favorite Mailwoman


A 180-pound mastiff dog named Fronky makes a habit of running outside to wait for his best friend to come for a visit immediately after he finishes his breakfast every morning.

Fronky's owner, Eileen, tells The Dodo her mastiff knows that after breakfast, his best friend Shaun, the letter carrier, is coming over to see him. Eileen says Fronky can’t contain his excitement after finishing his breakfast every morning and he is usually like, "OK, can I go out now?" Sometimes, Fronky gets impatient and stands on the fence if Shaun takes too long in her truck, getting all the mail and packages ready, says Eileen, adding that it can be a bit overwhelming for someone that doesn’t know Fronky.

A Mailwoman petting a Mastiff dog

Shaun met Fronky when he was just a seven-week old puppy and the two of them bonded right away, from day one. After that day, it has just been an ongoing thing, Eileen says, adding that the letter carrier and the dog see each other pretty much every day unless she’s off.

A DELIVERY woman petting a dog
A throwback photo of Fronky and Shaun

Eileen says Shaun is the highlight of her dog’s day, and believes that her dog is one of the highlights of the mailwoman's day, too. Considering how stressful Shaun's job is, Eileen believes that just having this little break with her dog helps the mailwoman out and gives her something to look forward to.

Sometimes, Shaun makes time to scratch and pet Fronky's head and give him a treat. Every time Shaun leaves after petting Fronky, she always lets the dog know they will see each other the following day or after a couple of days.

Since Fronky made friends with Shaun, he has made an effort to get to know other delivery workers like UPS drivers and other USPS mail carriers, and virtually everyone on his block. However, Shaun has a special place in Fronky's heart.

A giant mastiff being petted by delivery people

Fronky's owner says it makes her glad that her dog has this great moment of happiness in his life every day with Shaun. Eileen says her dog even waits for Shaun on Sundays, which is her day off, by the fence until nighttime. The mailwoman sort of has become part of Fronky and his owner's family. Eileen says Fronky starts wagging his tail as soon as he hears Shaun's voice. She says she believes Shaun loves her dog as much as her dog loves her.

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