Where in Michigan Can You Have Backyard Chickens?

In January 2023, the price for a dozen eggs in Michigan reached about $3.60 on average. Consequently, many residents in The Wolverine State, hoping to save money, started raising backyard chickens as a source of fresh eggs. But unfortunately, not every municipality in Michigan allows their residents to keep chickens due to noise violations, among other reasons. The city of Detroit, for instance, does not allow the keeping of chickens. Moreover, your landlord may not permit chickens on their properties even though chickens are legal in your city or town.

Backyard Chickens in Michigan

So, where in Michigan can you keep backyard chickens and how many chickens are you allowed to keep? Read on to find out. However, you should note that not all Michigan cities that permit chickens are listed in this article. If you are considering backyard chickens in your city or township, I suggest you first check your local animal ordinances, which can often be found on your city's website or through Municode, to see whether your city permits the keeping of chickens.

Wayne County, MI

In Wayne County, MI, the city of Dearborn allows its residents to keep backyard chickens with a permit. Westland residents must obtain a permit to have backyard chickens. The Township of Northville allows one chicken per 1/4 acre. Roosters are not allowed in Northville Township, according to ecode360. Residents must have a minimum of 5 acres of land in order to keep backyard chickens in Van Buren Charter Township.

Plymouth Charter Township allows no more than six chickens per property. You are allowed to have 6 chickens, excluding roosters, if you live in the city of Hamtramck, Wayne County, MI. The city of Wayne allows chickens so long as certain requirements are met: Chickens coops must be 20 feet away from property lines and 40 feet away from any dwelling. The city of Woodhaven allows its residents to keep up to six backyard hens.

Oakland County, MI

Many cities and townships in Oakland County, MI, allow backyard chickens. The city of Troy requires that residents obtain an Animal Permit before keeping backyard chickens. Keeping backyard chickens is allowed in the city of Southfield. A maximum of four hens per one acre of land is allowed in the Township of West Bloomfield. Those living on more than one-acre properties may keep a maximum of eight hens in West Bloomfield.

Royal Oak residents can obtain a permit from the city clerk's office to keep backyard chickens. The city of Madison Heights allows its residents to keep up to six backyard chickens, excluding roosters, at one single-family residence. Madison Heights chicken owners are not allowed to sell eggs.

Oak Park residents are allowed to keep chickens under certain regulations including owners must live in a single-family, detached home and chickens must be kept as pets or to lay eggs for personal consumption. Only hens are permitted in the city of Oak Park.

It is legal to keep up to 6 chickens with a permit in the city of Auburn Hills. The city of Ferndale allows its residents to keep a maximum of three chickens (no roosters) in detached structures in areas zoned as R-1 or R-2.

Macomb County, MI

The city of Warren in Macomb County, MI, allows its resident to own a maximum of three backyard chickens with a permit for personal use only. Warren does not permit the keeping of roosters. Clinton Township residents may obtain a permit to keep backyard chickens on properties less than five acres in residential zones. However, before a permit is issued, your neighbors must be OK with it.

Kent County, MI

In Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI, residents need to obtain a Backyard Chicken Permit in order to have chickens in their backyards. However, some requirements need to be met first. For starters, you need to check with your adjacent neighbors before you apply for the permit. The City will deny your application if even one neighbor objects. In addition, you need to meet the property requirement which is at least 3,800 square feet in area and must contain not more than two dwelling units.

Plainfield charter Township permits its residents to keep backyard chickens on their properties without permits. Roosters are not permitted in the Township and chicken coops must be kept 25 feet away from property lines.

Genesee County, MI

In Genesee County, MI, the city of Burton allows the keeping of up to six backyard chickens, excluding roosters without a permit in agricultural areas. Burton residents living in non-agriculturally zoned areas must first obtain a permit before keeping backyard chickens.

Residents are permitted to have backyard chickens in Fenton Township.

Washtenaw County, MI

In Washtenaw County, MI, the city of Ann Arbor allows its residents to obtain either a 2-bird permit or a 6-bird permit before keeping backyard chickens. Ypsilanti residents need to obtain a $25 Domestic Foul Permit to keep no more than four chickens in single-family dwellings or two-family dwellings.

The city of Saline allows its residents to keep up to twelve backyard chickens, according to The Saline Post. People living in the city of Chelsea must obtain an annual permit to own backyard chickens within the city limits.

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