This 31-Year-Old Fluffy Tortoiseshell Cat Could Be The World's Oldest

Guinness World Records is urging a British woman to have her 31-year-old Tortoiseshell Cat named Rosie recognized as the oldest living feline in the world. Rosie's owner, Lila Brissett, 72, says she adopted Rosie way back in 1991. Lila must have been in her 40s when she adopted Rosie and the pair have been enjoying life together ever since. Rosie is set to celebrate its 32nd birthday in June this year.

Rosie the 31-year-old Fluffy Tortoiseshell Cat

Lila explains that Rosie was a few weeks old when it was handed to her in a cane basket in 1991 by a family who had discovered that their daughter was allergic, according to South West News Service.

After learning about the feline's advanced age, officials from Guinness World Records are encouraging Lila to make an application for Rosie via their website for their Records Management Team to review.

Currently, the oldest living cat is a 27-year-old Tortoiseshell Cat named Flossie from the United Kingdom.

The oldest cat ever on record was Creme Puff of Austin, Texas, who lived to be 38 years and 3 days old.

Lila says she had taken Rosie to a veterinarian only twice in her life and it was in the 1990s. The first visit was to get Rosie spayed and the second was to get antibiotics for a cyst that was growing on her head.

Rosie the Fluffy Tortoiseshell Cat being petted by her owner

Rosie is still feeling strong and still got all her teeth as she heads toward 32, according to her owner, who says the cat eats Purina One cat food and sleeps by the window all day. Sometimes, Lila has to check if Rosie’s still alive and breathing. Lila says she is worried about the day Rosie will kick the bucket, because the cat will leave a big void.

Lila is hopeful Rosie will live with her for a few more years. She says she will never have Rosie put down and will miss her when she goes.

Rosie the Fluffy Tortoiseshell Cat being carried by her owner

Rosie’s age, 31, is equivalent to 140 human years. A cat’s first year is equivalent to fifteen human years. Its second year is equal to nine additional human years, meaning your 2-year-old cat is approximately 24 in human years. After a cat's second year, each additional year is equal to four human years.


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