Dog Dramatically Sweeps Owner's Legs After Getting The Zoomies


A viral video shows the hilarious moment a dog named Cowboy swept his owner's legs from under her after engaging in the zoomies. In the video, the dog is seen running around before inadvertently sweeping his human mom's legs from behind, causing both of them to fall dramatically. According to Dogs Of Instagram, the dog's owner suffered no injuries.

Dog fall owner down

According to the American Kennel Club, zoomies are a natural dog phenomenon that is generally caused by a build-up of excess energy or excitement. To release this form of excess energy, a dog may suddenly burst into movement, spinning around.

Dog fall owner down

Dogs often get the zoomies after spending too much of the day in a crate or after being left alone all day with nothing to do. This natural canine behavior is most often no cause for alarm, so long as your dog has room to spin around without injuring itself.

However, you may want to keep an eye on your dog at all times to avoid being embarrassed, as many dog owners claimed in the comment section of the video that they have broken their legs by their dogs doing zoomies.

Watch the video below.


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