Cops Rescue 21 Dogs From Mistreatment Situation in Horry County, South Carolina

Officers from the Horry County Police Department in South Carolina have rescued twenty-one dogs from a mistreatment situation. According to MSPCA-Angell, the pups were found living in extremely poor conditions in outdoor pens with little protection from the elements.

a rescued dog

The owner of the dogs was apprehended and is currently facing twenty-one counts of illegal animal care and treatment. However, this wasn’t the first animals were rescued from this owner's property. According to MSPCA-Angell, authorities rescued almost sixty other animals from the same property in August 2022.

Officials from MSPCA-Angell, a non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusetts, transported nine of the recued dogs to their shelter in Massachusetts last week. However, the organization needs your help to provide the tender loving care the dogs have been denied.


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