This Video of a Dog Playing Piano Might Be The Most Incredible Thing You'll Ever See on The Internet

I couldn't be happier today after a cute musical dog graced my screen. While scrolling through my Twitter homepage, I came across an adorable video of this talented doggo that warmed my heart with his piano playing and drumming skills. During a musical performance, you can't see a pianist playing piano and a drum at the same time.

a Dog playing piano

However, this doggo seems to have broken the record in a viral video that shows him playing piano with his hands and using his tail to play the drum. On top of that, he can also be seen using his mouth to press a horn. I found the dog's performance insanely incredible.

Watch the video below.

The adorable video, which was shared by Heckin Good Dogs, has so far garnered over 50k views on Twitter at the time of this writing.

A dog playing piano

In February 2022, a beagle-basset hound named Buddy Mercury made headlines after delivering a heartfelt performance at his family’s piano. The then-viral video showed Mercury poised at the piano with his front paws on the keys as he opened his vocal cords and began to sing the song of his people.

Melodious beagle sings and plays piano

Another dog went viral the same month on TikTok after a video showed him howling his heart out while playing piano.

A dog singing and playing piano

Watch the video below.

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