20 Adorable Photos of Dogs and Cats Pretending To Be Doing Classwork in The US

When a US teacher asked her students to send pictures of their pets doing classwork, the results were insanely adorable. According to Good Morning America, the professor, Dr. Marie-Amélie George, came up with the adorable hack as a way to help her remember her students' names. As a result, the professor revealed that she received around 60 photos of pets. Some of the pets are at the computer while some are reading books.

Schnauzer-Poodle mix dog
               Henry the Schnauzer-Poodle mix. Photo Credit: @ProfMAGeorge

To lead by example, Dr. Marie-Amélie George shared a photo of her adorable dog, a Schnauzer-Poodle mix named Henry. One of Dr. George's students sent her a photo of her pet dog doing the reading assigned for students that week. It wasn't long before other students jumped at the challenge and began sending adorable pictures of their pets "working" or "studying." Below are my favorite picks:

#1. This dog pretends to be studying hard

A dog reading a book
Credit: @ProfMAGeorge

#2. Next Level Dog Work Pic

A black dog wearing glasses while reading a book

#3. This dog has his own working space

A dog at his office

#4. This cat is applying for unemployment benefits

A cat lying on a bed

#5. A busy dog

A dog at the computer

#6. The paparazzi caught this dog doing his homework

A Labrador Retriever in front of a laptop

#7. This cat named Sophia is grudgingly reviewing the literature

A cat with a weird look

#8. This dog paints itself

A dog painting

#9. This dog is taking a brief nap after work

A napping dog

#10. This dog is doing some recreational reading

A dog sitting on her owner's lap

#11. This feline does his homework

A cat in front of a computer

#12. Fido has a day off

A dog laying on a sofa

#13. This cat is learning how to play the viola by ear

A cat sleeping on a book

#14. A fluffy furry friend studying canine anatomy

A dog reading a book

#15. A Guinea pig taking note

A pet guinea pig

#16. Stylish dog

A glasses-wearing dog

#17. This dog is interested in the life of Malcolm X

A pitbull dog reading a book

#18. A bookworm cat

A Golden cat

#19. A good doggo doing his homework

A good dog

#20. A research assistant Guinea pig

An adorable pet Guinea pig


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