Michigan Police K-9 Under Investigation After Being Accused of Stealing Coworker's Lunch

A police K-9 in Wayne County, Michigan, is under investigation after being accused of stealing a coworker's lunch. 

According to the Wyandotte Police Department, K-9 Ice was in the station's breakroom with his coworker officer Barwig when the incident happened. The Department said Officer Barwig left his half-eaten lunch on the table and swiftly jumped into service when he was called to assist at the jail.

Michigan Police K-9 Accused of Stealing Coworker's Lunch
K-9 Ice's mugshot

When Officer Barwig returned to the breakroom a short while later, he discovered that his entire lunch was gone. However, he found Officer Ice licking his chops and leisurely strolling out of the room.

The Department, which posted a mugshot of K-9 Ice on its Facebook page, says the dog is not cooperating with the investigation. Moreover, the Department didn't report whether K-9 Ice had his own lunch at the time.

According to the Department, K-9 Ice has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. In addition, he has been accused multiple times of taking food right from coworkers' hands as they walk by.

The Department is considering its Facebook followers' opinions on how to proceed with the investigation.

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