Kansas Hunter Fatally Shot By His Own Dog

A man in Kansas was reportedly shot and killed by his own dog during a hunting trip. According to local outlet KAKE News, the victim, who has been identified as Joseph Smith, 30, from Wichita, was sitting in the front seat of his pickup truck when the tragedy occurred on January 21st in Geuda Springs, Sumner County, Kansas.

Per the outlet, the man's best friend inadvertently stepped on a rifle placed in the back seat of the pickup they were in. This caused the rifle to discharge and fire right at the man, who was in the front passenger seat of the truck.

Deputies from the Sumner County Sheriff's Office arrived at the scene within minutes of the man being shot and attempted to save the life of the hunter, who was found shot in the back. Unfortunately, he died at the scene.

It was not immediately clear if someone else was in the driver’s seat at the time or if the truck was moving or parked when the accident occurred.

The tragic news sparked calls for hunters to never carry a loaded rifle in their vehicle, as well as some snarky Facebook comments that irritated friends of the victim.


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