Dog Hilariously Attempts to Find a Bear That Suddenly Disappears From His TV Screen


One of the appliances our furry friends often encounter at home is the television. A dog who hears a fellow dog barking from the TV may answer back and then ignorantly try to comb through his or her home in an attempt to find the dog.

A dog watching TV

Oftentimes, pet owners share funny videos of their dogs watching the TV as humans do by focusing on the screen like they understand what’s going on. One totally hilarious footage of a dog trying to find a bear after it vanished from his TV screen went viral on Reddit.

A dog watching TV

The 17-second video, which was uploaded by Reddit user Aakash7aak with the caption, "Come on man, where did you go? He’s searching," shows the dog at home watching a bear on the TV screen. Suddenly, the bear exited the frame, prompting the dog to start searching for it.

Being seemingly fond of the bear, the dog went in the direction of where the bear completely vanished. He first entered the room next to the TV thinking he would find the bear there. When he did not see it in the room, the poor precious dog, who really wanted to see the bear once more, came back to the living room looking confused.

A dog watching TV

The short clip, which is hilarious and entertaining to watch, received 1.6k upvotes on Reddit with some users asking about the show’s title so they can show their dogs to see how they'll react.

Watching a dog watch a film is probably more fun than watching the actual film. Take the below video of a Bulldog having an incredible reaction to an actress in trouble on TV for example.


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