Coyote Caught on Camera Sitting on a Resident's Car in Arizona


Coyotes are known to be one of the world's most adaptable animals with the ability to thrive in environments despite the presence of humans, houses, roads and cars. However, using the latter to his advantage, this particular coyote is apparently taking his adaptability to another level.

A Coyote sitting on a car in Arizona

Earlier this month, an Arizona woman named Jill Rogers noticed an unusual sight when she was driving through her Phoenix neighborhood.

Rogers, after spotting the animal from afar, said she was like, "What the heck is that on the car?" Upon taking a closer look, Rogers discovered that the animal, who calmly perched atop the parked car in front of her, was a coyote.

A Coyote sitting on a car in Arizona

Apparently, the animal, who was probably looking for a roadrunner, had chosen the spot as a high ground from which he'd have a better view. Surprisingly, the coyote was as calm as he could be even when approached by Rogers.

A Coyote sitting on a car in Arizona

It is not clear if the coyote was preying on a meal or just scouting the area to make his next move. Whatever the case may be, Rogers decided to play it safe by alerting the neighborhood immediately for people to secure their pets.

According to Varment Guard, a pest control service in Columbus, Ohio, coyotes are opportunistic scavengers that typically wander into neighborhoods looking for easy food sources.


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