Top 10 U.S. States With the Highest Percentages of Pet Owners 2023


It is no secret that pets, especially dogs and cats, are an integral part of the lives of millions of people in the United States. In addition, many Americans consider and treat theses amazing companions as members of their families. Some of these pets even turned out to be the savior of their owners' lives. Over the years, pet ownership in the United States has steadily increased, with pet dogs being the most popular overall. According to Lemonade, out of every ten U.S. households, seven own a pet. Which is why spending on pet accessories is unsurprisingly on the rise in the country.

U.S. States With the Highest Percentages of Pet Owners

As of 2022 in the United States: 

  • 90.5 million homes owned a pet
  • 69 million homes own a pet dog
  • 45.3 million homes own a domestic cat
  • 3.5 million homes own a horse
  • 2.9 million homes own a saltwater fish

Top 10 States with the highest percentages of pet-owning households

1. Wyoming - 72%

The number one pet-owning state is Wyoming, with seventy-two percent of households having at least one pet. This means that The Cowboy State has the highest number of pet lovers in the country. However, according to Safe Wise, Wyoming, despite having the highest pet population, lacks the most protective pet laws. According to the source, only 22% of Wyoming households are pet-friendly.

2. West Virginia - 71%

West Virginia tied for second with 71 percent of pet-owning households. The Mountain State is pet-obsessed with most pet owners constantly tweeting about their pets. However, according to The DA, a major problem in West Virginia is the mistreatment of cats and dogs as well as other pets. According to the source, some of the state's pet owners don't appropriately feed or care for their pets.

3. Nebraska - 70%

In the State of Nebraska, 70 percent of households own a pet, with forty percent owning a dog and thirty percent owning a cat. Like in West Virginia, some Nebraska pet owners don't take care of their pets appropriately. In February 2022, Nebraska authorities recovered eighty-eight living and forty dead domestic pets, including dogs from a home in Omaha, leading to the apprehension of two people. According to KETV7 News, the animals were found living in poor conditions.

4. Vermont - 70%

According to American Veterinary Medical Association's report, two-thirds of Vermont residents (70 percent) own at least one pet. According to Burlington Free Press, there are more cat people than dog people in Vermont. The Green Mountain State actually has the highest percentage of households with a cat as a pet, according to the source. 

5. Idaho - 70%

With seventy percent of pet-owning households, the state of Idaho leads the nation in the percentage of households with dogs. However, the independent review site, Safe Wise, ranked Idaho as the fourth least pet-friendly U.S. state. The ranking factors fell into several categories of criteria including the states' pet population, the number of rentals allowing pets, and the animal abuse rate.

6. Arkansas - 69%

According to Statista data, most Arkansas residents are dog lovers. With 52 percent of households owning a dog and 17 percent owning a cat in 2022, The Bear State has the highest dog ownership rates in the United States.

7. Indiana - 69%

As one of the most pet-friendly States, Indiana comes in close behind Arkansas and Idaho, with  69% of households having pets. The Hoosier State has more dog owners than cat owners. Moreover, Indiana does an excellent job of supporting its pet owners in caring for their best friends. Furthermore, The state has more than twenty dog parks that are welcome to all pets.

8. Oklahoma - 65%

In terms of pet ownership in the United States, Oklahoma is ranked eighth, with 65 percent of households fighting the never-ending battle against pet hair, particularly dogs'. Needless to say, the Sooner State is considered one of the best in the country to own a pet, according to a report.

9. Mississippi - 65%

Tying with Oklahoma as the ninth state with the highest pet ownership, Mississippi is ranked as the third-best state for pets, according to Pettable. The Magnolia State also ranks third in terms of rental properties welcoming pets.

10. Colorado - 65%

In a recent survey conducted by LawnStarter, three Colorado cities, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and Denver have been deemed the most 'dog-friendly' cities in the United States. Across the board, Colorado does a great job in terms of community, care, and pup-related services.


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