The Best SUV Trunk Covers For Dogs


You should be aware of this disaster as a dog owner: After taking your dog for a long walk in the forest, you return to your car and your dog, with a wet body, jumps into the trunk and scratches the bumper. Then the entire trunk will soon be difficult to clean due to it being full of dog hair and dirt. In addition, your vehicle will begin to stink as a result of the wet fur or dirt.

Well, dog trunk covers are the ideal tools to protect your car and keep your trunk clean. Some of the benefits of these tools include full trunk and odor protection. In addition, they are waterproof and easy to clean, keeping your dog comfortable.

1. Toozey SUV Cargo Liner

Toozey SUV Cargo Liner

Made of polypropylene and cotton, this pet cargo cover liner is tear-resistant and durable, according to multiple users. The cover liner protects your SUV trunk from dog hair, scratches and dirt. Interestingly, the overhang flap protects the bumper when your pet jumps into the back of your vehicle! The trunk cover, which can be easily installed and removed within a minute, fits universally into most standard vehicle areas.

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2. Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner

Meadowlark SUV Cargo Liner

Measuring 41" W x 74" L, this SUV trunk cargo liner from Meadowlark for dogs protects your SUV from mud, paws, water, spills, and dog hair while your pet hops in and out of the car. While this cover is designed to fits most standard vehicle areas, the manufacturer advises measuring your trunk before purchasing. This will ensure the perfect fit. What set this cargo liner dog seat cover apart from others is that you can install it once and easily roll it up whenever you want to make use of the cargo area without the cover. Other covers, on the other hand, require removal when not in use and then reinstallation when needed again.

3. NESTROAD SUV Cargo Liner


Measuring 65 x 72 inches, this cargo liner cover from NESTROAD is ideal for long trips with your pets. According to multiple users, the cover is easy to clean with a damp cloth or vacuum and allows your pets to feel as comfortable as they would, sleeping on their kennel pad. Most importantly, it protects your seats from mud, water and fur. Features:

  • Extra side flap
  • Bumper flap

4. FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover with Sides

FrontPet Quilted Dog Cargo Cover with Sides

Featuring a large pocket for toys or leashes and a quilted padded top, this pet cargo cover fits cargo areas that are approximately 46 inches long and 48 inches wide. Designed with your pet’s well-being in mind, the cover allows you to take your pet on any trip with less worry about your SUV's trunk being damaged.

  • Available sizes: L, XL, XXL
  • Colors: Tan, Black, Grey

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