4 Best Automatic Cat Food Dispensers For Your Pets


Regardless of their breeds, cats are good pets to have around the house. According to a recent pet ownership report, 45.3 million households have a cat in the United States. However, being there to feed them sometimes can be hard. All it takes is an unexpected call or a meeting, and your cat can be left alone and food-less as a result of your busy schedule. Sometimes, you will have to ask a neighbor to do the honors, which might not be convenient for either of you. That's where automatic cat food dispensers or cat feeders come in.

These time-saving devices are designed to fulfill a daily tasks on your behalf. While features may vary from device to device, the usual automatic cat food dispenser can store and dispense a controlled portion of food for your cat at the time of your choosing. In this article, I have listed four types of automatic cat feeders, from which you can choose, depending on how many cats or pets you have.

1. 4.5L Automatic Cat Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

4.5L Automatic Cat Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowl

Whether you are at home or not, your cats need to be fed regularly and appropriately so they can a healthier life. This automatic cat feeder is designed to do just that. With the help of this device, you can schedule meal times and portions for your little mates based on their age, weight and activity level. To make your cat feel safe and close to you, the device comes with a built-in voice recorder, via which you can record your voice message and play it when it is mealtime. With this feature, your cats won't miss a meal. In addition, it will enhance the bond between you and your pets as they feel safe and well cared for. More importantly, your pets will never miss a meal when you are away or working overtime.

Key features and Specification:
  • BrandBLUZZO
  • User Friendly Design
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Keep Freshness
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Built-in desiccant bag
  • 4.5L Large Capacity
  • Could dispense up to 4 meals a day

2. 4L WiFi Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats

4L WiFi Automatic Cat Feeder for Two Cats

If you have more than one cat or pet in your house, then this device is a must-have. You can remotely control your cat's meal times via your smartphone anytime, anywhere by connecting this dual cat feeder to a 2.4GHz WiFi network. To feed your indoor cats when you are around, all you have to do is simply dial in portion sizes and feeding times. The device could dispense up to ten meals a day for cats and dogs, which makes it great for scheduling a healthy diet for pets. Moreover, this device is perfect for kittens that throw up from eating too fast.

Key features and Specification:
  • Brand: LiieyPet
  • Smart feeding setting
  • Supports APP for IOS and Android systems.
  • Smart Notifications and Indicators

3. Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

Automatic Cat Feeder and Water Dispenser

Just like family members, pets, especially cats and dogs are to be considered important companions in our lives. Moreover, just like humans, they need to eat and drink whether or not you are at home. That's where these fantastic cat food and water dispensers come in handy. The device's detachable design makes it easy to clean, which is safe for the health of your pets. Furthermore, it is recommended that you wash the bowl and frequently change the food/water to make your pets healthier.

Key features and Specification:
  • Brand: FUNLULA
  • Material: Plastic
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble

4. 6L Automatic Cat Feeder (Up to 15 Meals per Day)

6L Automatic Cat Feeder (Up to 15 Meals per Day)

Using the Pet Zero App, you can connect this smart feeder to your Wi-Fi and manage all the device's functions from your smartphone anytime. With the app, you can schedule up to 15 meal times per day, depending on how many pets you have in the house. In addition to establishing good eating habits, this device helps control your pets' body weight, allowing them to live a long and healthy life with you. Just like the first device on this list, this auto cat feeder allows you to keep your pets excited about meal times thanks to its built-in voice recorder.

Key features and Specification:
  • Brand: WOPET
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Portion Control
  • Distribution Alarms
  • Great for cats and dogs

Benefits of Automatic cat Feeders

Firstly, if you ask any cat or pet owner, he or she will tell you that "convenience" is the top benefit of an automatic pet feeder. Secondly, an automatic pet feeder can prevent your cat from being bloated thanks to the device's ability to dispense smaller meals, which is more beneficial than the consumption of one big meal when you are not home. Thirdly and most importantly, These devices have medical value. According to vets, an automatic pet feeder is good for regulating food consumption in cats suffering from diseases such as diabetes.

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