Can You Own a Pet Pig in Massachusetts?

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In Massachusetts, there are no state-wide restrictions on pig ownership; however, regulations may vary at the local level. This means that the ability to have a pet pig in Massachusetts is contingent upon the specific laws of the municipality in which you reside within the Bay State. For example, pig ownership may be permitted in one city but prohibited in another. To provide clarity, I have compiled a list of a few Massachusetts municipalities that allow pigs to be kept as pets.


If you live within the City of Cambridge, you are allowed to own a pet pig, as long as you ensure the animal does not roam freely, graze on public streets, or disturb the peace of others, in accordance with the City Code.


If you reside in Lowell, MA, you are required by law to obtain a license from the Board of Health before bringing a pet pig into your home. The Board of Health will provide specific guidelines on where and how the pig should be kept. Additionally, it is prohibited for Lowell pig owners to slaughter pigs in public streets within the city limits.


In order to own a pig within the city limits of Framingham, Massachusetts, your facility must adhere to the minimum sizing requirements. Specifically, you must provide a minimum of 48 square feet of enclosed space with an exercise yard for one pig, or 100 square feet of enclosed space without an exercise yard.


In Haverhill, Massachusetts, pot-bellied pigs are considered household pets and may be kept as such with a permit from the Board of Health.


To own a pet pig in Peabody, MA, you must first secure a permit from the Board of Health. The permit will expire on January 1 of each year unless it is revoked.


If you reside in Winthrop, MA, you are allowed to own one pet pig according to the Town Code. However, there are specific regulations that must be followed. Your pet pig cannot be kept on land within 250 feet of any drinking water supply or tributary. Additionally, the pig enclosure must be at least 150 feet away from any public or private way, neighboring properties, or any dwelling of a neighbor.


In the City of Beverly, located in Essex County, Massachusetts, residents are required to obtain a $150 permit from the Board of Health in order to own a pig. These permits expire annually on December 31 and may be revoked by the Board at any time for just cause. The renewal fee for the permit is $50. Additionally, it is mandatory to keep your pig within twenty-five feet of a dwelling house.


In the Town of Lexington, a minimum of two acres is required to obtain a permit for keeping pigs from the Board of Health. If there are two or more pigs or piglets present, a piggery permit from the Board of Health is necessary.


If you live in the Town of Norwood, you are required to obtain a permit if you wish to keep one or more pigs, unless you own parcels of land that are two acres or larger. As outlined in the Town Code, pig pens and other enclosures for pigs must not be situated within one hundred feet of any public or private road, or within 150 feet of any neighboring dwellings. These enclosures must be adequately isolated and well-maintained to prevent the creation of any nuisances.


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