Neighbor Sees Piles Of 'Little Rags' On Rooftop — And Realizes They're Alive: A Heartwarming Dog Rescue Story


In the bustling streets of Mexico City, two dogs named Terry and his brother endured a life of neglect and suffering. Chained to a rooftop for over two years, they were left exposed to the harsh elements and barely resembled the lively animals they once were. However, fate had other plans in store for them. A concerned neighbor noticed their plight and took action, leading to a heartwarming dog rescue story that touched the hearts of many.

2 dogs with matted fur

Upon their arrival at La Casa del Mestizo, Terry and his brother were immediately attended to by dedicated rescuers. The dogs were shaved and bathed, shedding years of neglect in just a few hours. Terry, in particular, transformed from a gray mop to a white fluffy pup. The rescuers were astonished by the indescribable relief and happiness these dogs exhibited upon experiencing care and compassion.

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After Terry and his brother were given a clean bill of health, they were made available for adoption through West Coast Paws, an organization that matches rescue dogs with loving homes in Washington State and Canada. Despite their efforts, Terry remained unadopted for several months. His age became a deterrence for potential adopters, leaving him waiting for his chance to find a forever home.

Among those who stumbled upon Terry's adoption listing were Lee and Danny, a couple from British Columbia, Canada. They felt an instant connection to Terry and were moved by his journey from being a pile of rags on a rooftop to a fluffy and happy dog at a shelter. Determined to provide him with a good life, they knew Terry was meant to be their dog.

The day arrived when Terry, now affectionately renamed Teddy, embarked on a long journey from Mexico City to his new home with Lee and Danny in British Columbia. Accompanied by Ariane and Tami from West Coast Paws, Terry endured a 10-hour trip that included a layover in Seattle. Despite the long journey, everything went smoothly, and Teddy's new parents eagerly awaited his arrival.

As Lee and Danny eagerly awaited Teddy's arrival, they prepared for his homecoming by picking up a bunch of fun new dog toys. The moment finally came when Teddy was united with his new family. Overjoyed, Danny expressed his happiness at how quickly Teddy had latched onto them. Teddy's playful and lovable nature made it clear that he was ready to embrace his new life.

Since settling into his new home, Teddy has blossomed into quite the goofball. His social and curious nature have made him a joy to be around. Despite being a 7-year-old dog, Teddy exhibits a puppy-like energy, bringing endless joy and laughter to Lee and Danny's lives. They envision Teddy's future filled with abundant human companionship, and they couldn't be happier to have him as a part of their family.


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