French Bulldog Has a 'Dance Off' With Its Owner and Definitely Comes Out the Winner

Some people are born with natural talents that leave others in awe, and this includes amazing dancers. However, it turns out that dogs can also possess incredible dancing skills. On December 6, TikTok user Clarke (@kimberly5904) shared a video of his dog, Billy, who has some serious moves. This funny French Bulldog challenges his owner to a "dance-off" and definitely steals the show.

a dog and its owner dancing

Billy, the French Bulldog, is a surprisingly good dancer. Unlike most dogs that wiggle and move while standing, Billy takes a unique approach to dancing. He sits on the ground like a human and bounces along to the music. In the viral video posted by Clarke, Billy takes on his owner in a dance-off, accompanied by the song "Funky Cold Medina" by Tone-Loc. The minute-long clip shows Billy twisting and turning, effortlessly staying face-to-face with his dancing partner.

Since being posted on TikTok, the video of Billy's dance-off has gone viral. It has garnered over 3.5 million views and received more than 12 thousand comments. People from all over the world are obsessed with this adorable and talented dog. Billy's unique dancing style has captured the hearts of viewers who can't get enough of his moves.

The dance-off video is not Billy's first appearance as a dancer. He has been showing off his moves in several videos. In response to one of the older videos, a curious viewer asked about Billy's dancing journey. They questioned when Billy started dancing and expressed their amazement to others who were not on TikTok. Billy's owner responded to the question, stating that Billy has been dancing since he was around six months old. His love for dance has been a part of him since a young age.


Dance off

♬ Funky Cold Medina (Re-Recorded / Remastered) - Tone-Loc


Dance off 2

♬ original sound - Clarke’s


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