Cockatoo Gets Mad at Owner for Being on the Phone Instead of Paying Attention To Him

Meet Tango, a lovable and expressive cockatoo who has taken the internet by storm. In a viral video clip shared on social media, Tango can be seen giving his owner a hilarious scolding for being glued to his phone instead of paying attention to him. This witty bird has captivated the hearts of millions with his dramatic outburst, leaving viewers in stitches.

The video, shared on TikTok under the username @Tango.the.cockatoo, showcases Tango's frustration with his owner's excessive phone usage. As Tango's owner unconsciously scrolls through his phone, the feathered companion starts having a meltdown. With a distinctive screeching voice, Tango loudly voices his displeasure, demanding his owner's attention. The two-and-a-half-minute-long clip captures the hilarious exchange between the frustrated cockatoo and his oblivious caretaker.

Cockatoo Gets Mad at Owner

Cockatoos, known for their playful and attention-seeking nature, require ample social interaction with their owners. These medium-sized parrots crave attention to the point where some consider living with them akin to raising a perpetually young child. Tango's reaction is a prime example of this inherent need for engagement. When his owner neglects him in favor of his phone, Tango resorts to expressing his frustration in the most vocal way possible.

The video of Tango scolding his owner has taken social media by storm, garnering millions of views and likes across platforms. Viewers have been quick to relate to Tango's frustration and share their own experiences with cockatoos. One user, Lisa Randall Morris, likened living with a cockatoo to having a toddler for a lifetime, highlighting the constant need for supervision and interaction. Elizabeth Banuelos humorously suggested that Tango was cursing at his owner in "cockatoo language."

According to PetMD, birds, including cockatoos, exhibit unique personalities. These feathered companions are not only striking in appearance but also possess distinct character traits. When considering a bird as a pet, it is crucial to find a suitable match in terms of both physical attributes and personality. Each species, including cockatoos, brings its own set of traits to the table, making it essential to do thorough research before bringing one into your home.

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