Bird Landing on Bride’s Head During Vows Takes Home International Photo Award


Weddings are often filled with unexpected moments that become cherished memories for both the couple and their guests. However, one couple had a truly unique and hilarious experience during their special day, thanks to a saucy bird. In a stunning photograph captured by Tara Lilly, a whisky jack landed on the bride's head just as the groom began to recite his vows. This comical moment not only brought joy and laughter to the wedding ceremony but also earned Lilly the prestigious title of 2023 International Wedding Photographer of the Year.

Tara Lilly had the honor of photographing Mikaela and Mitch's wedding in the breathtaking location of Whistler, Canada. As the couple stood before their family and friends, exchanging heartfelt vows, an unexpected visitor decided to make an appearance. The curious whisky jack swooped down and perched itself on top of Mikaela's head, capturing the attention of everyone present. The couple, along with their guests, erupted into laughter, turning this enchanting moment into an unforgettable highlight of their special day.

a bird lands on a woman's head

Amidst the laughter and surprise, Mikaela couldn't help but exclaim, "I'm Snow White!" The resemblance to the beloved Disney princess, who was known for her ability to communicate with animals, was undeniable. The coincidence of this feathered friend choosing Mikaela's head as its perch added an extra layer of magic and humor to the occasion, making it a truly unique and memorable event for all.

Tara Lilly, the talented photographer behind the lens, recognized the significance of the moment and captured it with impeccable timing. The photograph showcased the bird's mischievous presence on Mikaela's head, juxtaposed against the heartfelt expression on Mitch's face as he continued to recite his vows. Lilly's outstanding composition and ability to freeze this extraordinary moment in time led her to enter the photograph into the "Single Capture" category of the International Wedding Photographer of the Year competition.

Lilly's photograph stood out among countless submissions and was awarded the prestigious title of 2023 International Wedding Photographer of the Year. The judges were captivated by the humorous nature of the image, as well as its technical excellence and emotional impact. The unconventional and spontaneous combination of love, laughter, and wildlife made Lilly's photograph truly deserving of this esteemed recognition. As the winner of the competition, Tara Lilly not only received the remarkable title but also a share of the $3,000 prize pool and products from the sponsors.


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