Is It Legal To Own a Pet Pig in Michigan?

Are you captivated by the charm of Arnold Schwarzenegger's delightful pet mini pig, and now find yourself yearning to own a pig of your own in the great state of Michigan? But hold on, a burning question arises: Is it even legal to keep a pig as a pet in Michigan? Fear not, for you have stumbled upon the perfect article to quench your curiosity.

Michigan, as a whole, does not have a statewide law specifically addressing the ownership of pigs, which technically means that these oinkers are legal in the state. However, here's the catch: individual municipalities in Michigan have their own set of rules when it comes to pig ownership. Some cities embrace the idea of having mini pigs as pets, while others have outright bans on pig ownership. Take, for example, the city of Detroit, where owning a pig is currently illegal.

A pet pig in an enclosure

So, before you embark on your journey to bring home a piggy companion in Michigan, it is crucial to reach out to your local authorities and determine whether these adorable creatures are allowed in your neighborhood. In this article, I have compiled a list of a few Michigan municipalities that permit residents to keep pigs as pets.

Grand Rapids, MI

In the vibrant city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, pigs are classified as farm animals. As per the Code of Ordinances of this city, it is strictly forbidden to house a farm animal within a dwelling or dwelling unit. Moreover, the city code explicitly prohibits the keeping of farm animals, including our porcine friends, within one hundred feet of neighboring dwellings, springs or streams, and within 50 feet of stormwater catch basins situated on private property. Furthermore, the code unequivocally forbids the maintenance of pigs in unsanitary conditions.

Dearborn, MI

The city of Dearborn mandates, as per its Code of Ordinances, that individuals desiring to keep a pet pig must acquire a permit from the director of residential services. This permit ensures that the pig is not permitted to roam freely or cause any disturbances that may disrupt the tranquility of the neighborhood. The director of residential services possesses the power to suspend a permit if it is determined that a nuisance has been or is being created.

Moreover, it is strictly prohibited to construct any structure intended for housing the pig within a 25-foot radius of any dwelling.

Troy, MI

In order to keep a pig as a pet within the City of Troy, MI, it is necessary to obtain a $70 Animal Permit. Additionally, there is a property size requirement of at least ¾ of an acre for the keeping of pet pigs. Prior to the issuance of a permit, the application documents must provide evidence that the pig will be treated with utmost care and will not be subjected to neglect or cruelty.

Measures must be taken to ensure that the pig cannot escape its designated quarters. Furthermore, reasonable precautions must be implemented to safeguard both the public from the pig and the pig from any potential harm caused by the public.

Westland, MI

In the city of Westland, located in Wayne County, MI, there is a property size requirement of at least one-half acre in order to legally keep a pig as a pet. Furthermore, it is required that enclosures designated for housing pigs are situated no closer than 20 feet to adjacent property lines, and no closer than 40 feet to any dwelling.

Southfield, MI

The city of Southfield, Michigan, permits the ownership of a single pot-bellied pig as a domestic companion within residential premises. However, some specific requirements and restrictions must be adhered to.

Firstly, the pot-bellied pig must not exceed a weight of 100 pounds or a height of 25 inches. Additionally, by the age of four months, the pig must undergo spaying or neutering and receive vaccinations for rabies, leptospirosis, erysipelas, and brucellosis.

To ensure compliance, all pot-bellied pigs kept as pets within Southfield must be registered and licensed by the city on an annual basis. This process helps maintain accurate records and ensures the well-being of these animals.

Furthermore, all pet pot-bellied pigs are required to be kept indoors at all times, except during waste disposal or exercise periods.

Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo residents are required by ordinance to obtain a permit from the City Commission or its designee before keeping a pig as a pet within the city limits. The application for the permit must specify the location of the premises upon which the pig is intended to be kept as well as the desired number of pigs.

West Bloomfield, MI

In West Bloomfield Township, MI, pigs are classified as livestock. According to Chapter 7 of the Township's Code Of Ordinances, it shall be the duty of every pig owner to see that such an animal is confined upon their premises. Furthermore, it shall be the duty of every West Bloomfield pig owner to keep their animals in a clean and sanitary condition and prevent them from becoming a nuisance to neighbors.

Redford Charter Township, MI

Residents of Redford Charter Township are permitted to keep registered, purebred, miniature, Vietnamese potbellied pigs as pets within the Township limits. Chapter 8 of the Township's Code of Ordinances requires that all pet pigs be spayed or neutered and vaccinated against pseudo rabies. Furthermore, the ordinance makes it illegal for a resident to keep more than one miniature pig at one dwelling or premises.

Midland, MI

The City of Midland permits its residents to keep miniature pigs as pets under certain conditions. For starters, it is illegal to keep more than one miniature pig at one licensed premises. Additionally, all pet miniature pigs must be spayed or neutered upon reaching maturity and vaccinated against pseudo rabies.

Furthermore, pet miniature pigs must at all times be kept indoors except for periods of exercise and elimination of waste. Finally, owners must ensure that all areas housing miniature pigs are consistently maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

Holland, MI

The City of Holland, MI, allows residents to keep up to two miniature pigs per residence. A miniature pig, as defined in the city's ordinance, is one that will not grow to exceed 120 pounds. As per the City Code, it is unlawful to deny a pet pig proper nourishment, hydration, shelter, veterinary care, or protection from the elements through a suitable structure.


The aforementioned Michigan municipalities are only a handful of those that allow the keeping of pigs as pets within their boundaries. If your city was not mentioned in this article and you are contemplating adding a miniature pig to your family in Michigan, it is crucial, as I mentioned earlier, to contact your local authorities to ascertain whether owning pet pigs is permitted in your city or town of residence.


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