Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Oklahoma

In the state of Oklahoma, several cities have recognized the benefits of allowing backyard chickens and have implemented regulations to facilitate their keeping. These cities recognize that raising chickens can contribute to sustainable living practices by providing fresh eggs and natural pest control.

However, it's important for residents interested in keeping backyard chickens to familiarize themselves with local ordinances and regulations before venturing into this endeavor. This article lists a few Oklahoma municipalities that permit the keeping of backyard chickens within city limits.

Three hens eating in a backyard

Oklahoma City, OK

The City of Oklahoma City has recently implemented an ordinance, effective as of March 4, 2022, granting its residents the privilege of raising a maximum of six chickens or quail within the confines of their own backyards. However, roosters are strictly prohibited under this regulation. In order to ensure the safety and well-being of these avian companions, Oklahoma City chicken owners are required to maintain a meticulously clean coop that effectively shields their hens from potential predators.

To guarantee adequate living conditions, the coop must provide a minimum of four square feet of space per chicken. Furthermore, it is imperative that chicken coops are positioned at least five feet away from the side property line, a minimum of ten feet away from the back property line, and a substantial distance of at least 30 feet from any adjacent dwelling.

Tulsa, OK

The City of Tulsa allows residents in residential areas to keep a maximum of six adult chickens and up to 14 chicks under the age of eight weeks. However, certain regulations must be followed to ensure the well-being of both the chickens and the community.

To begin with, it is required that chickens are kept in an enclosure that maintains a minimum distance of 50 feet from any neighboring residence. This ensures that the presence of chickens does not cause any inconvenience or disturbance to nearby residents.

Furthermore, the enclosure in which the chickens are kept must have floors made of easily cleanable materials. This is crucial to maintain a hygienic environment for the chickens and prevent any potential health hazards. Regular cleaning of the enclosure and proper disposal of droppings are essential to ensure cleanliness and minimize any offensive odors.

Norman, OK

The City of Norman permits its residents to keep backyard chickens, subject to specific conditions. These conditions include a limit of four chickens or laying hens per R-1-zoned parcel, with no allowance for roosters. Furthermore, the chickens must be housed within a designated chicken coop and chicken run, which should be situated in the rear or backyard of a residential property.

To ensure proper spacing and minimize disturbances, the chicken coop and chicken run must be attached and positioned at least five feet away from any side or rear property lines. Additionally, they must be located no closer than 25 feet from any dwelling unit, except for the owner's residence. It is worth noting that movable chicken enclosures are also permissible, provided they adhere to the setback requirements outlined in the ordinance.

Broken Arrow, OK

In Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, residents are allowed to maintain a maximum of four chickens within their backyard coops. However, it is mandatory for these coops to be situated at a minimum distance of 40 feet from neighboring residences. Properties zoned as agricultural (A-1) are exempted from this particular regulation.

Edmond, OK

In accordance with the law, residents of Edmond are required to complete an application process and obtain a $25 permit in order to keep chickens or laying hens on their properties. However, permits will only be issued for properties located in single-family zoning areas. Additionally, it is strictly prohibited to keep roosters or engage in any slaughtering of chickens.

To ensure the well-being of the community, it is mandated that chickens be confined within their coops from dusk until dawn. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of chicken owners to maintain cleanliness in all areas where the chickens reside. This entails daily cleaning to prevent the accumulation of food, waste, bedding, or nesting material.

Lawton, OK

The City of Lawton permits residents to keep chickens, provided they are properly cared for and do not cause any disturbances. It is required by law that all chicken owners in Lawton confine their birds within an enclosure that is adequate to prevent them from roaming freely. Additionally, a shelter area of sufficient size must be provided to ensure proper sanitation practices. Furthermore, chicken enclosures should be situated at least 25 feet away from neighboring residences.

Midwest City, OK

According to the animal ordinance of Midwest City, it is prohibited to keep ducks, geese, chickens, or any combination thereof, on a piece of land that is smaller than 2,000 square feet. Additionally, chickens must be confined within an enclosure that effectively prevents them from being within 40 feet of the outer boundaries of a church, school, business, or any residence other than that of the owner.

Other Oklahoma Municipalities That Allow Backyard Chickens

  • Stillwater, OK - Backyard chickens are permitted
  • Bartlesville, OK - Allows no more than 6 adult chickens
  • Muskogee, OK - Chickens must not be at large
  • Shawnee, OK - Hen coops must be kept 25 feet from neighboring residences
  • Jenks, OK - Chickens must be kept in a sanitary condition
  • Yukon, OK - Chickens must not disturb the peace of neighbors
  • Ponca City, OK - Chickens must not be kept within o100 feet of any dwelling
  • Duncan, OK - 3 chickens may be kept on lots less than one acre
  • Sapulpa, OK - Permits no more than 6 chickens per property
  • Mustang, OK - Chickens must not create a nuisance
  • Del City, OK - Chickens must not be at large
  • Bethany, OK - Chickens must not become an annoyance or nuisance


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