Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Kentucky


Raising backyard chickens in Kentucky is a popular activity among many residents. It provides a source of fresh eggs and a fun hobby for families. But before starting, it's important to check local regulations and obtain any necessary permits. In Kentucky, rules regarding backyard chickens vary by city. Some Kentucky cities may allow backyard chickens while others may not. It is important to check with your local government to see if they have any regulations or restrictions on keeping chickens in your backyard. In this article, we will explore some Kentucky cities that allow backyard chickens and an overview of the regulations that govern their care.

Two Backyard Chickens

Lexington, KY

Residents can have backyard chickens in Lexington, Kentucky. However, there are regulations that need to be followed, such as ensuring that the chickens are kept in a secure enclosure and preventing them from creating a nuisance. Lexington-Fayette County Code does not place a limit on the number or type of chickens a resident can own. However, the Code does prohibit the keeping of noisy animals and chickens from running at large. Lexington chicken owners are required to provide adequate shelter, food, and water for their chickens at all times. Additionally, proper sanitation practices, including regular cleaning of coops and removal of waste, are also required.

Bowling Green, KY

In the City of Bowling Green, a maximum of 5 female chickens is allowed per property. Roosters and Peafowls are prohibited within the city limits. It is unlawful for a Bowling Green chicken owner to allow his or her chickens to run at large in the city. The City Code requires chickens to be kept in a fence or structure of sufficient height to prevent them from leaving their owner’s property. Failure to comply with these rules could result in a $100 for the first offense, $200 for a second offense, and $400 for a third offense.

Covington, KY

The City of Covington allows residents to keep chickens in the backyard for noncommercial purposes. The number of chickens allowed varies based on the size of the property and there are requirements for coop size, placement, and cleanliness. On lots smaller than one-half acre, a maximum of 8 chickens, excluding roosters, is permitted. Chickens are required to be kept in a backyard housing structure that is predator-proof, thoroughly ventilated and odor-free. The structure or coop must provide at least 3 square feet of space per chicken and be designed to be easily accessed, cleaned and maintained by the owner, according to Ord. O-33-03.

Richmond, KY

If you live in Richmond, Kentucky, and want to keep chickens, it is important to know the regulations in your area. According to the city's ordinances, the keeping of chickens is allowed, but there is no limit on the number you can keep. However, Richmond Code requires that chickens be at all times kept in a secure enclosure to prevent them from running at large or creating a nuisance to adjoining property owners. Additionally, the enclosure must be properly ventilated and cleaned regularly to prevent odors and disease.

Nicholasville, KY

In Nicholasville, Kentucky, keeping chickens is allowed within city limits with certain regulations. Chickens are not allowed to roam freely in the city and must be kept within a fenced area or enclosed coop at all times. According to the city's code of ordinance, police officers are authorized to kill any chicken trespassing upon the property or rights of any other person. The number of chickens you can keep in Nicholasville, KY, is not restricted.

Elizabethtown, KY

The keeping of backyard chickens is allowed in the city of Elizabethtown. The city's code of ordinances does not place a limit on the number of chickens residents can own, However, the Code does require that owners keep their chickens in such a manner that they do not become a public nuisance. In addition, the slaughtering of chickens is prohibited in Elizabethtown, KY.

Independence, KY

If you live in Independence, KY, and want to keep chickens in your backyard, you must apply for and obtain a permit from the City. Under the permit, you are allowed no more than 6 backyard chickens, but roosters are not allowed within the city limits. Independence Code requires that chickens be kept in a predator-proof enclosure that is maintained in a sanitary condition and free from offensive odors. The enclosure wherein chickens are kept must be located at least 4 feet from the owner’s residence and 25 feet from any neighboring dwelling.

Other Kentucky Cities

  • Hopkinsville, KY: Chickens allowed. No limit on the number
  • Jeffersontown, KY: Up to 5 backyard chickens allowed
  • Frankfort, KY: A maximum of 6 hens is allowed
  • Henderson, KY: Chickens allowed. No number restriction
  • Erlanger, KY: Up to 6 chickens allowed per household
  • Danville, KY: Chickens allowed. No number restriction
  • Fort Thomas, KY: Residents may keep no more than 10 chickens
  • Berea, KY: A maximum of 6 female chickens per property
  • Shively, KY: Chickens must be kept in a coop at all times
  • Glasgow, KY: Chicken keeping allowed. Running at large prohibited

In conclusion, the trend of allowing backyard chickens in cities has been growing in the state of Kentucky. Many Kentucky cities have recognized the benefits of urban chicken keeping, such as access to fresh eggs and the opportunity for sustainable living. However, some Kentucky cities, including Florence, Georgetown, and Owensboro still have restrictions on backyard chickens. It is important for those interested in raising backyard chickens in Kentucky to research their city's specific regulations and guidelines to ensure they are in compliance.


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