Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Kansas

Urban chicken keeping has become increasingly popular in the United States in recent years. Proponents of the practice tout the benefits of fresh eggs, natural pest control, and the satisfaction of producing one's own food. However, opponents argue that chickens can be noisy, messy, and attract predators. As a result, many US cities have developed regulations around urban chicken keeping, such as limits on the number of chickens allowed per household and requirements for coop size and placement. Despite these challenges, urban chicken keeping continues to gain momentum as more people seek to live a sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle across the country.

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In the state of Kansas, most cities allow residents to keep up to six chickens in their backyard for noncommercial purposes only. If you're considering keeping backyard chickens in Kansas, it's important to first check with your local ordinances. Each city and county may have different regulations regarding the number of chickens allowed, coop requirements, and zoning restrictions. In some Kansas municipalities, residents may be required to obtain a permit or pass a property inspection before keeping backyard chickens.

In this article, we will explore some of the cities that allow backyard chickens in the state of Kansas and provide an overview of the regulations and requirements that must be met to keep chickens legally.

Wichita, KS

In the City of Wichita, you don't need to obtain a permit to keep a maximum of 3 chickens in your backyard. However, if you wish to exceed this limit you must obtain a $25 permit, under which you can have up to 12 backyard chickens. Wichita Code requires that chickens be kept at all times in a safe coop, which must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. In addition, Wichita chicken owners are required to keep their birds in such a manner that they don't cause fouling of the air by offensive odors and thereby creating unreasonable annoyance to neighbors.

Overland Park, KS

In the city of Overland Park, the number of chickens you can keep in your backyard depends on the size of your property. You can own up to 12 backyard chickens in Overland Park if you reside on a property of 1 acre or more. Up to 6 chickens are allowed on properties of 0.50 to 0.99 acres. Properties of less than 0.50 acres are limited to 3 chickens. Under this chicken ordinance, Homeowner Associations are given the authority to restrict the keeping of backyard chickens in specific neighborhoods, according to Fox4 Kansas.

Kansas City, KS

In Kansas City, Wyandotte County, KS, residents are required by law to obtain a permit from the office of the director of animal control before keeping backyard chickens within the city in areas not zoned agricultural. Kansas City prohibits the keeping of roosters, only hens and ducks are allowed within the city limits. The maximum number of backyard hens you can have in Kansas City is 6, regardless of the size of your lot.

The City Code requires that chicken coops be located at least 25 feet from neighboring buildings and 10 feet from the property line. In addition, chicken coops must be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition and provide a minimum size of one square foot and one laying box space for every three chickens kept therein, according to Wyandotte County/Kansas City Code of Ordinances.

Olathe, KS

You can have up to 10 backyard chickens in the city of Olathe if you reside on a property of 3 acres. In addition to the lot size requirement, a Special Animal Permit is also required to keep chickens within the city limits of Olathe. However, if you have more than 3 acres of land, you don't need to obtain a permit and the number of chickens you can keep is unlimited. Roosters are prohibited from being kept as pets in Olathe.

Lawrence, KS

The city of Lawrence permits residents to raise ducks and hens for personal use only in their backyards. The City Code allows one hen per 500 square feet of lot size. The maximum number of female chickens or laying hens you can keep in Lawrence, KS, is capped at 20. Chickens must be kept in a backyard coop, which must provide a minimum of three square feet of space per chicken.

Shawnee, KS

In the City of Shawnee, properties are limited to a maximum of 10 chickens, excluding roosters. The City Code requires that chickens be at all times kept in a clean, safe coop, which must be located at least 40 feet from adjacent residential dwellings and 10 feet from the nearest property line. In addition, chicken coops must provide at least 2 square feet of space per Chicken.

Lenexa, KS

In the city of Lenexa, the number of backyard chickens allowed to be kept is determined by the zoning and lot size of a particular parcel of property. On lots less than one acre, a maximum of 4 backyard chickens are permitted, and up to 15 chickens on lots of 1-3 acres. Lenexa residents may obtain a special livestock permit to own more than the permitted number of chickens.

Manhattan, KS

The City of Manhattan does not place a limit on the number of chickens residents can keep in their backyards. This means that in Manhattan, KS, you can own as many chickens as you can care for, so long as you prevent them from running at large and becoming a nuisance. Manhattan's Code of Ordinances requires that chicken coops or pens be located 25 feet from neighboring dwellings.

Other Kansas Municipalities

  • Topeka, KS: Chickens are allowed. No maximum number
  • Salina, KS: Allows 15 chickens per residence
  • Hutchinson, KS: A maximum of 8 chickens
  • Leavenworth, KS: A permit is required to keep chickens
  • Garden City, KS: Up to 12 chickens per lot
  • Dodge City, KS: A permit is required to keep chickens
  • Derby, KS: Residences are limited to backyard 6 hens
  • Gardner, KS: Chickens are allowed. A permit is required
  • Emporia, KS: Up to 4 chickens per residence. A permit is required
  • Prairie Village, KS: 6 chickens per residence
  • Pittsburg, KS: Chickens are allowed. No maximum number
  • Newton, KS: Up to 12 female chickens allowed
  • McPherson, KS: Chickens are allowed. No maximum number
  • El Dorado, KS: One chicken per 50 square feet of lot size
  • Arkansas City, KS: No more than three chickens


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