Cities and Towns That Allow Backyard Chickens in Maine


Many American citizens are becoming more interested in raising their own chickens, both for the benefit of fresh eggs and for the enjoyment of having the birds as pets. However, not all US cities and towns allow residents to keep chickens in their backyards. In the state of Maine, there are several cities and towns that do allow backyard chickens, providing an opportunity for residents to experience the joys of chicken keeping. In this article, we will explore some of the cities in Maine that allow the keeping of backyard chickens and the regulations that residents must follow in order to keep their feathered friends.

3 hens in a coop

Lewiston, ME

In Lewiston, Maine, residents are permitted to keep backyard chickens as long as they follow certain regulations. Firstly, no resident may own more than six chickens on his or her premises. Chicken coops must be placed at least 20 feet from any neighboring property. Additionally, chicken coops must not be attached or located in any part of a dwelling unit. Roosters are not allowed within the city limits of Lewiston and owners must provide adequate food, water, and care for their chickens. Finally, owners must keep their coops and surrounding areas in a neat and sanitary condition, in a manner that will not disturb neighboring residents.

Portland, ME

Keeping backyard chickens in the city of Portland, Maine is allowed, but it is important to follow regulations in order to ensure the safety and well-being of both the chickens and the community. The regulations include obtaining a permit from the city, keeping no more than six chickens per lot, keeping chickens for noncommercial use only, ensuring the chickens are properly housed and contained, and properly disposing of chicken waste. Additionally, roosters are not allowed within the city limits of Portland. Furthermore, Portland ordinance requires that chicken enclosures be predator-proof, dry, odor-free, and kept in a neat and sanitary condition at all times.

Chickens are required to be at all times kept in an enclosure or fenced area during daylight hours and in a henhouse during non-daylight hours. Henhouses are required to be placed at least ten feet away from neighboring residential structures.

South Portland, ME

If you're interested in keeping backyard chickens in the city of South Portland, Maine, there are several requirements you'll need to meet. First, you'll need to obtain a $25 permit from the city's Code Enforcement Office. This permit will require you to provide details about your proposed coop and run, including dimensions, location and how it will be constructed.

Additionally, the coop and run must be located at least 20 feet from any side or rear property line, and must not be visible from the street. You'll also need to ensure that the chickens are kept in a secure enclosure that is predator-proof and that the enclosure is kept clean and free from odors.

Finally, the number of chickens you can keep in South Portland, Maine is limited to six, and roosters are not allowed. If you meet all of these requirements, you'll be able to enjoy fresh eggs from your own backyard hens in the city of South Portland.

Auburn, ME

The City of Auburn permits residents to keep backyard chickens for personal use only. Auburn has specific standards for keeping backyard chickens. First of all, The keeping of roosters is expressly prohibited, and the maximum number of laying hens allowed per household in Auburn, ME, is based on the total lot size a resident wants to use to house the birds. For example, a maximum of six laying hens are permitted on lots less than 0.49 acres, 12 laying hens on 0.50 acre or larger lots, up to a total maximum of 36 laying hens per single-family detached residence.

Enclosures must be located only in the rear or side yard and meet all city zoning requirements for accessory structures. Chickens must also have access to a covered area for protection from weather and predators. Auburn residents who keep chickens in their backyard must ensure that their birds do not cause any disturbance or trouble to their neighbors or the community. In addition, the city also imposes restrictions on odor and noise related to backyard chickens. These restrictions aim to ensure that the chickens are kept in a clean, hygienic, and safe environment, while also respecting the peace and privacy of the community.

Scarborough, ME

The town of Scarborough, Maine has established standards for keeping backyard chickens. Residents are not allowed to keep roosters, and up to 5 hens may be kept on a lot less than 10,000 square feet in area, 10 hens on a lot of 10,000 square feet or more but less than 40,000 square feet. There is no limit to the number of chickens that may be kept on lots of 40,000 square feet or more. The chickens must be kept in a secure coop that is at least 15 feet from any property line. The coop must also be cleaned regularly to prevent odors and pests, according to the town's chicken ordinance.

Biddeford, ME

To keep backyard chickens in the city of Biddeford, Maine, there are certain requirements that must be met. First, a permit must be obtained from the Code Enforcement Office. In addition, a building permit is also required for the construction of chicken coops and pens. However, you don't need to obtain the building permit, provided you have a pre-built chicken coup that is less than 80 square feet. The City Code requires that chicken waste be properly disposed of to avoid any health hazards. Furthermore, Biddeford Code prohibits backyard chicken keepers from selling eggs, engaging in chicken breeding or fertilizer production for commercial purposes, and slaughtering chickens.

Chicken coops must be clean, dry and odor-free and located in rear yards, and at least 10 feet from all property lines. Lastly, Biddeford allows a maximum of 6 chickens per lot, regardless of the number of dwelling units on the lot, and a maximum of 12 chickens per lot in the RF and SR-1 Zones. Only female chickens are allowed in Biddeford, Maine, roosters are prohibited.

Sanford, ME

In the City of Sanford, a $25 annual permit is required in addition to a chicken coop or pen permit to keep backyard chickens. Only female chickens are allowed in Sanford, ME, and the maximum number of hens allowed is six per lot, regardless of how many dwelling units are on the lot.

Backyard chicken keeping in the city of Sanford, Maine is restricted to non-commercial purposes. This means that selling eggs, breeding chickens, producing fertilizer for sale, and slaughtering chickens for commercial purposes is prohibited.

Other Cities and Towns in Maine

  • Brunswick, ME: 6 hens per single-family detached dwelling property
  • Saco, ME: A maximum of 6 chickens per lot
  • Westbrook, ME: 6 to 50 chickens depending on lot size
  • Windham, ME: No more than 12 chickens per household
  • Gorham, ME: 6 to 25 chickens depending on lot size
  • Waterville, ME: No more than 6 female chickens
  • Falmouth, ME: The keeping of chickens is permitted. No maximum number
  • Wells, ME: Up to 20 chickens per household
  • Yarmouth, ME: 6 hens per lot under 1 acre, and 12 per lot over 1 acre
  • Bath, ME: 6 chickens per lot. A license is required
  • Ellsworth, ME: Chickens must be kept 50 feet from neighboring residences


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