Hawaii Cities and Counties That Allow Backyard Chickens

The raising of chickens in the backyard is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas around the country. In addition to constantly supplying you with fresh eggs, chickens eat ticks and other insects and provide a lot of entertainment. Backyard chickens are allowed within many Hawaii municipality limits including:


The City of Honolulu allows no more than two chickens or peafowl per household. Honolulu prohibits the keeping of roosters in residential zones. In Honolulu, chickens are required to be kept in an enclosure that is located more than 300 feet from property lines.

Chickens must be kept for personal use only and in a manner that will not unreasonably interfere with the public health, welfare, peace or comfortable enjoyment of another person, according to Honolulu animal ordinances. In Honolulu, a neighbor may call the police on you if you keep more than 2 chickens or if your chickens create a noise or health nuisance.

Maui County

According to Maui County's website, the keeping of chickens, as well as other domestic animals is regulated by Maui County Code Chapter 16.08A - Residential Code, which states that no resident may keep chickens, ducks, pigeons or other animals or fowl within 20 feet from any dwelling. If you have more questions, you may contact the County's Department of Public Works Development Services Administration at (808) 270-7379.

Maui County Code prohibits owners of chickens and other animals from knowingly or negligently allowing their animals to run at large upon the streets or other public ways of the county. Permitting your animals, including chickens, whether purposely or inadvertently to run at large is deemed to be a nuisance and dangerous to public health and safety in Maui County, HI.

Kauai County

It is legal to have backyard chickens in Kauai County, Hawaii. The County Code does not place a limit on the number of chickens a resident can keep in his or her backyard. According to residents, you may keep up to five hens in Kauai County, Hawaii. Roosters are allowed so long as they don't create a public nuisance. Moreover, the keeping of crowing roosters in Kauai County may result in a complaint from your neighbor.

Please visit the Kauai County Animal Control Services website if you have any questions regarding the maximum number of chickens allowed per household and whether or not roosters are allowed in your neighborhood.

Hawaii County

Hawaii County allows backyard chickens but the maximum number of chickens you can keep is subject to your local animal ordinance. Generally, Hawaii County's animal ordinance prohibits owners from permitting their animals to make unreasonable noise, run at large, or create an offensive odor, all of which are considered to be a public nuisance in the County.

Best Egg-Laying Chickens in Hawaii

A man handfeeding a chicken

The following breeds of chickens are incredibly fun to keep as pets for egg production in Hawaii: New Hampshire chickens, Sussex chickens, Australorp chickens, Delaware chickens, Plymouth Rock chickens, Ameraucana chickens, Leghorn chickens, Golden Comet chickens, Rhode Island Red chickens, and Buff Orpington chickens. By all accounts, all these chickens are considered to be hardy, good egg-layers, family-friendly, low-maintenance, and docile.


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