Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Connecticut

In the state of Connecticut, the keeping of backyard chickens is allowed in many cities and towns, with certain regulations. The maximum number of chickens you can keep in your backyard in Connecticut depends on the town or city wherein you live. Most Connecticut municipalities allow residents to have up to 6 backyard chickens for noncommercial purposes. In most Connecticut residential zones, the keeping of roosters is not allowed.

4 Backyard Chickens in Connecticut

Bridgeport, CT

The municipality of Bridgeport allows no more than 6 backyard chickens per household. But Bridgeport residents must obtain permission from the health director before acquiring any chickens. Bridgeport's chicken ordinance requires that chickens be acquired from an approved source, be maintained in a certain way, and be contained in a chicken coup.

Stamford, CT

The city of Stamford does not place a limit on the number of backyard chickens a resident can keep. However, the city requires that chicken coops be kept no less than 50 feet away from neighboring residences. In addition, Stamford Code requires that chicken coops be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition. The keeping of roosters is restricted in Stamford, CT.

New Haven, CT

The municipality of New Haven allows residents to keep backyard hens, no roosters, for personal use only. Up to six backyard hens may be kept per residence in New Haven, CT. Chicken coops are required to be located at least 15 feet from neighboring residences and at least 5 feet from any property line. It is illegal for chicken owners to permit their birds to run at large or create disturbing noise or odor in the city. New Haven hen owners must keep their birds in a manner that is consistent with and in compliance with the City's Health Code.

East Hartford, CT

A permit is required to keep backyard chickens in the town of East Hartford, CT. In addition to the permit requirement, a property of at least 0.25 acres is required to keep 3 hens in East Hartford, CT. The keeping of male chickens (rosters) is prohibited in the town and hens must be kept for personal use only. Up to 6 chickens are permitted on properties of 1 acre and 12 chickens on properties of 2 acre. At all times, hens must be kept inside a neat, clean coop or enclosure that is located in the rear yard, and at least 20 feet from property lines.

Waterbury, CT

The Connecticut City of Waterbury requires that residents have at least 1 acre of land before keeping backyard chickens. A maximum of 25 chickens are permitted per property in any residential district within the City. A Zoning Permit is required to keep chickens in Waterbury, CT. No rooster may be kept on any property within the city limits of Waterbury.

Norwalk, CT

In the City of Norwalk, CT, residents are permitted to keep up to 12 chickens in their backyards. But the City Code requires that chicken coops be situated at least 25 feet away from nearby buildings. In addition, the Code requires chicken coops to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition, so as to minimize offensive odors, noise and pests. Furthermore, it is illegal in Norwalk, CT, for any resident to keep roosters over four months of age.

Hamden, CT

The Town of Hamden in New Haven County, Connecticut, permits residents to keep up to 6 chickens in their backyards for personal use only. Only hens are allowed in Hamden, no roosters. And hens are allowed only in the following zoning districts: R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4, R-5, T-3, and T-3.5. The Town Code requires chicken coops to be 6 feet in height and be kept at least 20 feet from all property lines. A Zoning Permit is required to keep chickens in Hamden, CT.

Meriden, CT

Meriden residents need to obtain a Zoning Permit from the Planning Office before keeping backyard chickens. Meriden does not regulate the number of chickens a resident can keep, meaning you can keep as many chickens as you can properly care for, as long as the keeping of chickens is permitted in the particular zone where you live. However, Meriden’s zoning rule prohibits the keeping of roosters.

Bristol, CT

The suburban city of Bristol in Hartford County, Connecticut, allows residents to keep a maximum of 12 chickens for noncommercial purposes in their backyards. The keeping of ducks, geese, and pigeons is also allowed in the city of Bristol. However, the total number of ducks, geese, pigeons, and chickens combined must not exceed 12. The keeping of roosters is restricted in Bristol, CT.

Chickens Ordinances in Other Connecticut Municipalities

  • West Haven, CT: Allows no more than 4 backyard hens
  • Stratford, CT: Up to 12 backyard chickens allowed
  • Milford, CT: Allows from 5 to 10 backyard hens
  • Middletown, CT: Allows backyard chickens. No maximum number
  • Wallingford Town, CT: Allows a maximum of 12 backyard hens
  • Newington Town, CT: Allows from 8 to 12 backyard hens
  • Norwich, CT: Allows backyard chickens. No maximum number
  • Trumbull, CT: Permits no more than 6 backyard chickens
  • Branford, CT: Permits no more than 6 backyard hens
  • Wethersfield Town, CT: Up to 5 backyard hens allowed

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