Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Idaho

Many municipalities in the state of Idaho allow residents to have backyard chickens for personal use. The maximum number of backyard chickens you can have in the Gem State depends on the city or county in which you live. Depending on your local laws and ordinances, you may keep between 6 and 10 chickens in your backyard in Idaho. Listed in this article are some Idaho cities that permit residents to have backyard chickens. Please note that even if it is legal to have backyard chickens in your city in Idaho, your HOA's policy may override the local ordinance.

Backyard hens

1. Nampa, ID

If you live in the City of Nampa, Canyon County, Idaho, you may keep up to 10 chickens, excluding roosters, for noncommercial purposes on your property. The keeping of pigeons, doves, and ducks is also allowed in the City of Nampa. Chicken coops or pens are required to be located in the rear yard and at least five feet away from property lines, according to Nampa animal zoning regulations.

Nampa chicken owners must not knowingly or inadvertently permit their birds to run at large in the city. In addition, chicken owners in Nampa must keep their birds in a sanitary condition so as to prevent obnoxious odors and the accumulation of flies from intruding into neighboring properties.

2. Boise City, ID

Boise City allows a maximum of 6 backyard chickens per residence. However, you may not keep roosters within the City limits of Boise. You may be allowed to keep more than six hens for non-commercial purposes if you have an acre of land or more in Boise City. Boise Animal Code requires that chicken coops be located at least 10 feet away from neighboring residences. You may contact Boise City Clerk at (208) 972-8150 or for more information.

3. Meridian, ID

The City of Meridian allows residents to keep hens in their backyards. However, the City Code does place a limit on the number of backyard hens a resident can keep. Chicken coops must be situated in the rear yard, 3 feet from lot lines, and 25 feet away from neighboring homes. For more info, please email Meridian City Clerk at

4. Idaho Falls, ID

The City of Idaho Falls allows backyard chickens but the number of chickens you can keep depends on the size of your property. You can keep a total of 6 backyard chickens on a property of not less than 5,000 square feet, with one additional chicken per each additional 1,250 square feet. The maximum number of backyard chickens you can keep in Idaho Falls is 12.

You may keep roosters less than three months of age in the City of Idaho Falls. Chicken coops or runs must be located not less than 25 feet from neighboring dwellings. In addition to chickens, you may also keep three female domesticated turkeys on your property in Idaho Falls.

5. Caldwell, ID

In the city of Caldwell, a maximum of 10 chickens, excluding roosters is allowed per property, regardless of the size of the parcel. You may also keep Ducks, Geese, and Pigeons in Caldwell, ID. Caldwell Code requires that chickens and other domestic birds be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. If you have a property of one-half acre in size, you may obtain a permit to keep more than 10 hens.

6. Pocatello, ID

The City of Pocatello in Bannock County, Idaho, requires that residents obtain a permit before keeping chickens in their backyards. But before a permit is issued, applicants must have no history of a violation of the Pocatello animal ordinance and obtain written consent from at least 75% of owners and occupants of property within 100 feet of the perimeter of the premises where the chickens will be kept. 

Furthermore, you will need to specify the number of chickens you intend to keep on the application form. If you are issued to permit, you must keep your chickens in a backyard coop that must be located more than 30 feet from neighboring residences.

7. Coeur d'Alene, ID

In the City of Coeur d’Alene, residents do not need a permit to keep up to two hens on properties zoned R-1. Coeur d'Alene chicken owners must comply with all applicable city ordinances regarding animals disturbing the neighborhood, foul odors and all other nuisances.

8. Twin Falls, ID

Residents do not need a permit to have a maximum of 4 backyard hens in the City of Twin Falls, ID. The keeping of rooster chickens is prohibited within the city limits of Twin Falls. If you have at least 5,000 square feet of property, you may apply for a permit to own up to 25 backyard chickens in Twin Falls. The keeping of doves and pigeons is also allowed in Twin Falls.

Twin Falls chicken owners must comply with the City's chicken-keeping rules, which include keeping chicken coops in clean and sanitary conditions and preventing chickens from creating a nuisance.

9. Post Falls, ID

The City of Post Falls allows a maximum of 10 backyard chickens per property. Chickens must be kept in a secure coop, which must be located at least 30 feet from the front property line, 5 feet from the side and rear property lines, 15 feet from the on-site residence, and at least 25 feet from neighboring homes.

Number of Backyard Chickens Allowed in Other Idaho Cities

  • Kellogg, ID: A maximum of 10 hens
  • Moscow, ID: Up to 25 chickens for noncommercial purposes
  • Ammon, ID: Allows no more than 6 domestic hens
  • Mountain Home, ID: Allows no more than 3 hens per parcel
  • Chubbuck, ID: Allows no more than 6 hens in residential zones
  • Hayden, ID: Permits a maximum of 10 hens
  • Jerome, ID: A maximum of 6 hens per parcel
  • Blackfoot, ID: Up to 100 chickens per acre


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