Cities That Allow Backyard Chickens in Arkansas

In this article, you will discover some Arkansas municipalities that allow the keeping of backyard chickens, as well as the maximum number of chickens allowed per property.

Two backyard chickens

Little Rock, AR

Chickens, in addition to turkeys and Guinea fowl, are allowed to be kept within the City limits of Little Rock, Arkansas. While the City of Little Rock does not place a limit on the number of backyard chickens a resident can keep, it does require three square feet of space per chicken over four months of age. In addition, Little Rock Code requires that all chicken coops be kept at least 5 feet from the owner's residence and 25 feet from neighboring residences.

Fayetteville, AR

In the City of Fayetteville, AR, a maximum of 4 chickens (no roosters) is allowed per single-family home, regardless of lot size. On lots larger than 5000 square feet, a maximum of 20 chickens is allowed. Fayetteville Code requires that chickens be kept in the side or rear yard and 25 feet away from neighboring residences. In addition, the City does not permit the outside slaughtering of chickens and requires that chickens be wing clipped or be a breed that cannot fly.

In Fayetteville, AR, chicken keepers may sell eggs 4 times per year, with sales not to exceed 3 consecutive days in duration. A Home Occupation Permit is required to sell eggs in all residential zoning districts, with restrictions including hours, operation size and no employees other than chicken owners. There is also a Limited Business Permit, which offers fewer restrictions than a Home Occupation Permit.

Fort Smith, AR

A half acre of property is required to have backyard chickens in the city of Fort Smith, AR. The City, however, does not limit the number of chickens residents can have. In addition to chickens, the keeping of ducks, geese, turkeys, and guinea fowl is permitted in Fort Smith, AR. The City Code prohibits chicken owners from permitting their birds to run at large within the city limits.

Jonesboro, AR

In the City of Jonesboro, no more than five backyard chickens are permitted per household. Owners must keep their chickens in such a manner that they do not disturb the peace of another person, by loud, unusual or obnoxious noises at any time of the day or night. In addition, the City of Jonesboro prohibits chickens, as well as other domestic animals from running at large in the city.

Rogers, AR

The City of Rogers in Benton County, Arkansas, allows no more than 4 chickens (no roosters) per single-family dwelling. Chickens must be properly maintained in suitable houses, pens, or other enclosures, which must be kept in a clean, sanitary condition. The City Code prohibits chickens from being kept in multifamily complexes, including duplexes and the outside slaughtering of chickens. Furthermore, all chicken coops must be 2 feet off the ground and located at least 25 feet from the nearest neighbor's residence.

North Little Rock, AR

North Little Rock residents are required to obtain a $1 permit from the city clerk before keeping any chickens. The permit also allows North Little Rock residents to keep ducks, geese, turkeys, guinea fowl, peafowl, and doves. The City Code requires that chickens be kept in a clean coop and the coop be located at least 75 feet away from any residence or dwelling or place used for human habitation in the city.

Chicken Ordinances in Other Arkansas Cities

  • Conway, AR: Allows backyard chickens
  • Bentonville, AR: Permits no more than 4 backyard hens
  • Pine Bluff, AR: Allows up to five chickens per residence
  • Sherwood, AR: Permits up to 4 chickens per residence
  • Bella Vista City, AR: Allows 4 backyard hens
  • Texarkana, AR: Permits backyard chickens
  • Jacksonville, AR: Allows up to six backyard chickens
  • Paragould, AR: A permit is required to keep chickens in residential zones
  • Russellville, AR: Allows no more than 10 chickens per residence
  • Cabot, AR: Requires that residents obtain a permit to keep 6 hens
  • Searcy. AR: Permits up to six backyard chickens
  • City of Bryant, AR: Allows backyard chickens. Running at large prohibited
  • Centerton, AR: Permits backyard chickens. Running at large prohibited
  • Siloam Springs, AR: Chickens must not be kept within 100 feet of another residence.

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