Texas Cities That Allow Pet Pigs

Is it legal to keep a pig as a pet in the state of Texas? Yes, it is, but not in every municipality. This is because the law regulating the keeping of pigs varies by county or city. For example, the city of Tyler in Smith County, Texas, prohibits pigs from being kept as pets within the city limits. But in the city of Carrollton, residents are allowed to have 2 adult potbellied pigs under certain requirements in any one dwelling unit within the city.

Two pet miniature pigs

So, before acquiring any pigs in Texas, you need to make sure it is permitted in your city or town by checking your local animal ordinances or contacting your city clerk. With that in mind, below are some Texas cities in which pigs are allowed to be kept as pets as well as the number of pigs allowed per household.

1. Austin, TX

The city of Austin does not define miniature pigs as livestock and therefore allows its residents to keep them as household pets. However, Austin residents may not keep more than two miniature pigs at one residence within the city limits. Furthermore, owners shall keep their pet pigs in an enclosure that is at least 50 feet away from nearby residential properties.

2. Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX, residents are permitted to keep miniature pigs as pets within the City limits under certain requirements. No person may keep more than two miniature pigs at their residence. Fort Worth law requires that all pet pigs be either spayed or neutered and breeding of miniature pigs is forbidden within the city limits of Fort Worth. All miniature pigs in Fort Worth must be vaccinated against erysipelas, parvovirus and leptospirosis.

Furthermore, Fort Worth miniature pig owners must have their pet pigs microchipped or licensed within 14 days of welcoming them to their house. All miniature pigs in Fort Worth must be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and may be allowed outdoors for not more than one hour per occurrence.

3. El Paso, TX

In the city of El Paso, residents are allowed to keep Vietnamese miniature potbellied pigs as household pets within the city limits. El Paso law requires that all potbellied pigs be kept in a clean and sanitary condition in a secure enclosure that must not be less than one hundred feet from any private residence.

4. Amarillo, TX

The city of Amarillo, the seat of Potter County, TX, permits its residents to keep Vietnamese potbelly pigs as pets. However, no more than two miniature pigs may be kept as pets in any one household. Amarillo City requires that all miniature pigs below three months of age be spayed or neutered and be vaccinated for rabies. In addition, all male miniature pigs in the city of Amarillo must have their tusks surgically removed, according to Amarillo.com.

5. Grand Prairie, TX

In the city of Grand Prairie, TX, two potbellied pigs 6 months or older are allowed as pets per residence. Grand Prairie potbellied pig owners must have their pets vaccinated for erysipelas and keep them indoors at all times except during exercise periods. However, Grand Prairie residents need to obtain a $25 permit from the animal services manager before owning any potbellied pig.

6. McKinney, TX

In late 2021, the McKinney City Council modified an ordinance to allow potbelly pigs to be kept as pets by residents within the city limits, Community Impact reported at the time. According to the outlet, McKinney City permits pet potbelly pigs under certain requirements, including spaying and neutering, vaccinations, sanitary conditions, and microchips.

7. Denton, TX

The city of Carrollton, TX, allows its residents to have potbellied pigs as, provided they meet certain requirements, including a pet potbellied pig's weight not exceeding 60 pounds. Carrollton City allows two adult potbellied pigs per residence and requires that all pigs be registered with a licensed breeder. Furthermore, it is illegal for Carrollton potbellied pig owners to keep their pet pig outdoors except for those times necessary for exercise.

Other Texas Cities That Allow Pet Pigs

  • Mansfield, TX: 2 Potbellied pigs allowed
  • League City, TX: Miniature pigs allowed
  • Bryan, TX: Mini pigs allowed
  • Beaumont, TX: Mini pigs allowed
  • Lewisville, TX: 2 Potbellied pigs
  • Wichita Falls: Potbellied pigs are allowed but not in the corporate city limits.
  • Temple, TX: Not more than 2 miniature pigs
  • Cedar Park, TX: Potbellied pigs allowed
  • Mansfield, TX: 2 Potbellied pigs allowed
  • San Marcos, TX: Miniature pigs allowed
  • Rowlett, TX: Miniature pigs allowed
The cities listed in this article are just a few in Texas that allowed the keeping of pet pigs. Check with your city clerk or local animal ordinances before purchasing any pig to keep as a pet in your city. See also the Texas cities in which you can have backyard chickens.

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