How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in Connecticut?


What is the maximum number of dogs and cats allowed per residence in the State of Connecticut? The Constitution State has state-level Zoning Regulations that allow a maximum of 6 pets per household. It could either be 4 dogs and 2 cats, 3 dogs and 3 cats, or any combination of the two animals. However, you can apply for and obtain a kennel license to own more dogs and cats under certain requirements in Connecticut. All dogs over the age of six months living in Connecticut must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed.

A Ragdoll Cat and a German Shepherd

While it is legal to own 6 dogs or cats under state law, individual cities and towns in Connecticut will have their own Code of Ordinances that may further limit pet ownership in addition to other pet laws. Some Zoning Departments do not regulate the number of dogs and cats, in which case you need to contact your city of town clerk. In this article, you will discover the number of pets allowed per household, as well as other pet laws in some Connecticut cities and towns.

1. Town of Tolland, CT

The suburban Town of Tolland in Tolland County, Connecticut, allows residents to keep up to six dogs over six months old in residential zones. The number of cats you can own in Tolland Town is not regulated, so long as the cats are well cared for. If you wish to own more dogs in the Town of Tolland, CT, your parcel of land must be at least five acres and situated in the Residential Design District Zone. In addition, you need to obtain a Special Permit from the Planning and Zoning Regulations before owning more pets than what is allowed.

2. Simsbury Town, CT

The Town of Simsbury's Zoning Regulations permit no more than 6 pets per household. This means the combination of dogs and cats should not exceed 6 in one residence. You may either have 3 dogs and 3 cats or any combination of the two domestic animals. In addition, you can own two of the following animals: Horses, Ponies, and Sheep in Simsbury Town, Hartford County, CT, provided that the parcel contains at least three acres.

3. Stamford, CT

The City of Stamford in Fairfield County, CT, does not regulate the number of dogs and cats residents may have. However, it does have other animal ordinances that residents must comply with. It is unlawful for dog owners to allow their dog or cat to run at large on public streets or sidewalks or other public places unless such dog is on a leash held securely by the owner.

Tethering a dog to a stationary object or a mobile device is prohibited in the city of Stamford, CT. A dog may be declared to be dangerous or vicious in Stamford City if it severely injures or kills a domestic animal or attacks a human being unprovoked while off its owner's property.

If your dog bites someone in an unprovoked attack in the City of Stamford, you will be fined $100 and your dog must wear a safe and effective muzzle while in public.

4. West Hartford, CT

In the Town of West Hartford, CT, residents are allowed to keep a maximum of three dogs in their houses, according to the Town's website. The Town's Code of Ordinances does not specify the maximum number of cats residents may have. You may reach out to the Town Clerk's office at 860-561-7430 if you have any questions.

5. Bristol, CT

In the City of Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut, residents may have 2 dogs and 2 cats, 3 dogs and one cat, or 3 cats and one dog, as the number of pets allowed per household within the city is 4. The City Code allows no more than four pets over the age of six months inside one residence.

6. Town of East Hartford, CT

The Town of East Hartford, CT, allows residents to own a maximum of 5 dogs or cats. You may either own 3 dogs and 2 cats or 3 cats and 2 dogs in East Hartford, CT. If you wish to own more dogs or cats, you are required to obtain a license from o the Director of Health. You shall not permit your dog or cat to go at large in any street or public place within the Town of East Hartford. In addition, you must keep your dogs or cats in such a manner that they do not become a public nuisance or disturb the peace, comfort or health of any person residing within the Town.

7. City of Middletown, CT

In the City of Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut, a maximum of 4 dogs over the age of four months and a maximum of 5 cats over the age of four months are allowed to be kept in any dwelling or lot within the city. Owners must keep their dog on a leash while in public and must immediately remove all feces deposited by their dog on any common thoroughfare, sidewalk, passageway, play area, or park within the City of Middletown.

Furthermore, the Town's Code of Ordinances states that it is illegal for a dog to bark or howl for fifteen minutes straight at any time of the day in the Town.

Pet Ownership Restrictions in Other Connecticut Towns and Cities

  • Town of Southington, CT: Allows 3 dogs. Number of cats not regulated
  • Glastonbury, CT: Allows up to 9 pets
  • Town of Windham, CT: Allows 3 dogs. Number of cats not regulated
  • Waterford, CT: Allows 3 dogs. Number of cats not regulated
  • Avon, CT: Allows a maximum of 15 animals

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