How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in Maryland?

How many dogs or cats are allowed per household in the state of Maryland? While Maryland does not have a state-level law that limits the number of dogs and cats residents can own, Counties and municipalities do have their own code of ordinances. This means that the number of dogs or cats you can have in your house depends on the municipality in which you reside in The Old Line State.

A dog and a cat in Maryland

Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County does not regulate the maximum number of dogs or cats a resident can have in their home. However, pet owners must comply with other pet laws. In Montgomery County, MD, it is required by law that all cats and dogs 4 months of age or older be vaccinated against rabies and obtain a County license. Pet owners must not allow their dogs to run at large. A dog is deemed to be at large in Montgomery County if it is found outside the owner’s premises and not leashed.

Furthermore, Montgomery County pet owners must not allow their dogs or cats to cause noise that is loud enough and persistent enough to disturb another person’s quiet enjoyment. Similar ordinances are in place in Anne Arundel CountyHoward CountyFrederick CountyHarford County, Charles CountyCecil CountyWicomico CountyCalvert CountyAllegany County, Worcester County, Queen Anne's County, Talbot County, Dorchester County, and Garrett County.

Prince George's County, MD

The Prince George's County's Animal Management Division Brochure does not state the maximum number of dogs or cats residents are allowed to own. However, there are other pet laws in Prince George's County that pet owners must comply with. To begin with, it is required by law in Prince George's County, MD, that all dog, cat, and ferret owners license their pets. The license fee for cats is $10 while the license fee for dogs is $25.

Prince George's County dog owners must remove their pet’s excrement from public or private property. Pet owners must not permit their dogs or cats to run at large. It is illegal to abandon any dog, cat or other domestic animal in Prince George's County. Furthermore, female dogs or cats in heat in Prince George's County must be confined in a building or a secure enclosure.

Prince George's County Code bans owning a Pit Bull Terrier with an exception: If the Pit Bull was owned before November 1, 1996.

Baltimore County, MD

In Baltimore County, Maryland, the number of dogs allowed per household is three. However, pet owners can obtain a kennel license to own more dogs. The kennel license to keep 25 or fewer dogs costs $10 while the kennel license to keep more than 20 dogs costs $25. The is no limit to the number of cats a resident can own in Baltimore County, MD.

All dogs in Baltimore County must be on a leash that is at least eight feet long when in a public place that is not labeled as an off-leash area, or else the dog will be subject to Baltimore City Leash Laws and associated fines.

The Number of Dogs or Cats Can You Own in Other Maryland Counties

  • Carroll County, MD: 3 Dogs per household. No max number of cats.
  • Washington County, MD: Allows 5-6 dogs. No max number of cats.
  • St. Mary's County, MD: Allows 5 dogs. No max number of cats.
  • Caroline County, MD: Allows 5 dogs. No max number of cats.
  • Somerset County, MD: Allows 5 dogs or cats.
  • Kent County: Allows up to 5 dogs. No max number of cats.


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