How Many Dogs or Cats Can You Own in New Jersey?

The state of New Jersey is pet-friendly and does not have a statewide law that limits the number of dogs or cats a resident can keep. But unfortunately, municipalities in The Garden State are given the authority to regulate the number of pets their residents can keep. In addition, landlords and HOAs also have their own rules pertaining to pets.

Furthermore, the number of dogs or cats you can own depends on where in New Jersey you live and the size of your property. If you live in the Township Hawthorne, Passaic County, for instance, you can have no more than four dogs and six cats in your house. In Rahway, Union County, New Jersey, residents can have 5 dogs or cats in their houses.

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If you are struggling to determine the number of pets allowed per household in your municipality, I suggest you contact your local clerk or check your local animal ordinances. That said, below are pet restriction laws in some townships in New Jersey as well as other New Jersey dog laws.

Jefferson Township, NJ

In the township of Jefferson, Morris County, NJ, the number of pets you can own depends on the size of your property. A maximum number of five dogs is permitted on lots smaller than one acre in Jefferson Township. No more than eight dogs are permitted on lots greater than one acre. All dogs in Jefferson Township must be licensed. You must not allow your dog to run at large in Jefferson Township. Dogs that habitually bark, howl or cry contribute to disturbing noises, which are not allowed in the township of Jefferson.

Furthermore, all dogs in Jefferson Township must be leashed and pet owners are required to properly dispose of their pet’s feces deposited on public or private properties. The same ordinances are in place in Morris Township, Morris County, New Jersey. There are no ordinances that limit the number of cats you can own in Morris County, NJ. However, that does not necessarily mean you can own as many cats as you like. You may find yourself in legal trouble if many pets are found in your home living in deplorable conditions.

Bergen County, NJ

In the municipality of Midland Park, Bergen County, NJ, residents can keep up to four dogs in one residence. Similar ordinances are in place in municipalities surrounding Midland Park including, Allendale, Saddle River, Fair Lawn and Glen Rock. In the city of Englewood, Bergen County, NJ, no more than 6 pets are allowed per household. It could be either 3 dogs and 3 cats or any combination of the two. Ramsey, Saddle River, Ho-Ho-Kus, and Fair Lawn residents can have 4 mature dogs in one residence. You can have as many cats as you can care for in Bergen County, NJ.

Burlington County, NJ

If you live in the Township of Shamong, Burlington County, NJ, you can have up to 15 licensed dogs in one residence. The maximum number of dogs you can own in Shamong Township is 25. However, you should only adopt as many as you can care for to avoid getting into trouble with the laws. The Township of Burlington allows no more than four adult dogs per household. Failure to comply with this ordinance may result in pet owners paying a $2,000 fine according to Ecode360.

Pet Limits in Other New Jersey Townships

The Town of West New York, Hudson County, NJ, allows its residents to keep three cats and/or dogs in one residence. Hazlet Township in Monmouth County, NJ, allows no more than four licensed dogs per household. The Township of Woodbridge in Middlesex County, NJ, allows no more than five dogs per household.

Brick Township in Ocean County, NJ, allows its residents to have 4 dogs or cats in their houses. Keeping more than four dogs or cats in Brick Township is considered unlawful and a public nuisance, according to ecode360. In Gloucester Township, Camden County, NJ, three dogs and/or cats are allowed in single-family residential units and two cats and/or dogs are allowed in multi-family residential units.

Up to six licensed dogs are allowed per residence in the city of Vineland, Cumberland County, NJ. A maximum number of five adult dogs are allowed per residence in the Township of Piscataway, Middlesex County, NJ. The Township of Irvington in Essex County, NJ, allows no more than four dogs or cats per household.

Generally, all dogs must be licensed in New Jersey. In addition, pet owners must not allow their pets to run at large in any part of the state. Furthermore, like in virtually every state, New Jersey pet owners shall be held responsible for any damage caused by their pet in public or on someone else's property.


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