Meet Bisbee, The Dog With The Longest Tongue


A three-year-old English Setter's tongue has also earned him a place in the Guinness World Record Books. Bisbee, the English Setter dog's tongue was recently confirmed by GWR as the longest in the world.

Bisbee, The Dog With The Longest Tongue

Bisbee, from Tucson, Arizona, United States, isn’t a pup you’d want “doggy kisses” from. The precious pooch has an impressive 3.74 inches (9.49 cm) long tongue, making it the longest tongue on a living dog. Bisbee’s owners, Jay and Ericka Johnson told GWR that they had noticed their dog had quite a long doggone tongue but found it difficult to get a proper measurement because the dog would squirm whenever they tried.

Bisbee, The Dog With The Longest Tongue

Ericka sent a photo of Bisbee panting to her family, who suggested that the dog's tongue could break a world record.

Sadly, Bisbee suffers from hip dysplasia, a common skeletal condition he was diagnosed with as a puppy. While getting x-rays on his hips one day, Bisbee was sedated and his owners were able to get a good measurement of his tongue.

Bisbee, The Dog With The Longest Tongue

According to his owners, Bisbee also has borderline separation anxiety. He loves to cuddle and follow his owners around.


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