DNA Test Results Are In For 'Mystery Animal' Rescued By Texas Cops

Late last month, cops in Dallas, Texas rescued a cute little animal they found huddling near a dumpster. They saved the animal but the discovery soon had the rescuers wondering what kind of animal was it, exactly. When the mystery animal was brought to Dallas Animal Services, some people commented that it was a baby dog while others said it was a baby coyote or a hybrid of both.

Toast the Dallas rescued dog

Though the mystery animal, which was named Toast, was clearly a canine, Dallas Animal Services performed a DNA test to know for sure what species it was.

When the results came out earlier this month, little Toast turned out to be a cute dog. Dallas Animal Services said Toast's DNA results showed she is 20% Australian Cattle Dog, 38% Siberian Husky, and 42% German Shepherd.

A police officer carries a puppy in his arms

Since the DNA test showed Toast is a German Shepherd-Siberian Husky-Australian Cattle Dog mix, it was time to find her a loving forever home. Five minutes after Toast was put online for adoption, she got the maximum number of applications! Dallas Animal Services later shared on Facebook that Toast was adopted!


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