Woman Left Baffled For a Moment When Her Dog Asks Her A Simple Question

Pets, especially dogs, never cease to amaze their owners. From time to time, they give us a surprise of a lifetime. In a viral video shared by a TikToker under the username @_lucy_webb_, the adorable dog gave his owner a surprise of a lifetime when he seemingly asked her a simple question!

TikToker and her dog

The 14 seconds video shows Lucy recording her outfit of the day when she is completely caught off-guard by her fur baby who asked what sounded like a question!

The short clip shows Lucy posing for the camera trying to see if her outfit is cute when her furry friend walks in behind her. When she turns to face the dog, the animal suddenly asks, “Where are you going?”

For a moment, Lucy is left baffled at the question, which is so clear and even uses the proper inflections! She can be seen staring at her dog in disbelief.

A TikToker and her dog

Below is the hilarious video, which has received virtually three million likes on the platform:

@_lucy_webb_ I was just trying to see if my outfit was cute @carlainquarantine 😭❤️ #SHEINcares #VirginMediaSpeedMC #fypシ #malamutes #malamutesoftiktok ♬ original sound - Lucy

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