Australian Family Gradually Earns the Trust of 'the Most Skittish Stray Cat' Resembling Charlie Chaplin

Some felines are by nature shy or fearful, running and hiding even from their owners for seemingly no reason. This skittish behavior is especially true of cats that were not properly socialized when they were young. Skittish cats are typically anxious, confused animals that can get potentially aggressive if handled incorrectly. Consequently, it is difficult to earn their trust.

A cute cat sitting on a stair case
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Nevertheless, many pet owners through the years have succeeded in gaining some of these skittish cats' trust with a pragmatic approach to how to handle them. One such pet owner is Andrea from Melbourne, Australia. The Aussie woman managed to gain the trust of a stray cat bearing a striking resemblance to late comic actor Charlie Chaplin.

A Cat who resembles Charlie Chaplin
Photo Credit: The Animal Rescue Site

In an interview with the Animal Rescue Site based in Seattle, Washington, Andrea said she met the male stray cat, which she eventually named Chas, around a year old living under parked vehicles in the street. According to neighbors, no one could get near Chas and he had been living rough since he was a kitten. As 'the most skittish nervous cat' Andrea has ever seen, Chas was very thin and weak with his fur being lumpy as a result of a major flea egg infestation. In addition, Chas had a big open wound on his chest that made everyone who knew him, including Andrea, think he would die.

Andrea told the Rescue Site that she and her family began to feed Chas every day, but the stray feline wouldn't allow them to touch him until after several months. Despite his skittishness, however, Andrea said Chas seemingly enjoyed being near people. She said the cat would gladly sit at their feet but be terrified of any sudden movements or noise and an outstretched hand.

According to Andrea, Chas had never been inside a house and he would panic and feel trapped anytime Andrea lured him inside her house with food. As a result, Andrea bought Chas a cat bed and placed it on the front doorstep. According to Cat Genie, building trust with a skittish cat requires a gentle demeanor and a slow, deliberate approach.

Eventually, Chas was trapped and taken to the vet to be microchipped and vaccinated. Andrea later took the now-healthy and good-looking cat to her parents' spacious home to recover, and he’s been there ever since!

After several months of patience and pheromone diffusers, Chas is no longer shy or fearful of people and is now a very friendly, playful and gentle cat. Andrea said Chas now enjoys a pat and has never scratched or bitten anyone. In addition, Chas also has never scratched any furniture as he prefers to keep all four paws on the ground. He loves being with his newly-found family wherever they are.

Furthermore, Andrea told the rescue site that Chas is not a lap cat yet but may potentially become one because he is such a lovely guy.


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