10 Adorable Photos of Heterochromia Cats


Heterochromia cats, otherwise known as odd-eyed cats, are felines with different-colored eyes. Heterochromia iridum occurs both in humans and animals, especially cats. It is a condition in which the two irises are different colors. For example, an animal or a human may have one blue eye and one brown eye.

The condition occurs mostly in cats, which makes heterochromia cats even more special. However, heterochromia does not only occurs in the eyes but can as well extend to hair color and skin color. Venus the Two-Face Cat is an example of a feline with complete heterochromia. The adorable and Instagram-famous cat has one blue eye and one yellow eye. Over and above the different-colored eyes, Venus also has a different-colored face: Black and Orange.

Venus the Two Face Cat with different-colored eyes
Photo Credit: @venustwofacecat

This, in part, made the feline very popular and one of the richest cats in the world. That said, let's look at the following adorable photos of cats with heterochromia eyes and in which breeds the condition is more likely to appear.

Common cat breeds with different-colored eyes

Heterochromia commonly occurs in several breeds, including:

The Khao Manee

A Khao Manee Heterochromia cat

The Van Cat

A Van Cat with different-colored eyes

The Turkish Van

A Turkish Van Heterochromia cat

The Turkish Angora

A Turkish Angora cat with different-colored eyes

The Sphynx Cat

2 Sphynx Cats with heterochromia

The Persian Cat

A Persian Cat with different-colored eyes

10 Sunning Photos of Heterochromia Cats

As kittens, all cats are born with blue eyes. The different-colored eyes of a kitten might not be noticeable, except upon close inspection. However, as the kitten ages, its blue eyes may change. With that in mind, here are ten adorable photos of cats with different-colored eyes.

1. Bagad the heterochromia cat

Bagad the heterochromia cat
Photo: @bagad.billii/Instgaram

2. Fluff Snowbell the heterochromia cat

Fluff Snowbell the heterochromia cat
Photo: @cat_heterochromia

3. Marjorie the Heterochromia cat

Marjorie the Heterochromia cat
Photo: @purrrjorie

4. Coconut the cat

Coconut the cat
Photo: @heterochromia.kitty/Instagram

5. Simba cat

Simba cat
Photo: @simbacatheterochromia/Instagram

6. Azul the heterochromia cat

Azul the heterochromia cat
Photo: @a_lazy_cat_with_heterochromia/Instagram

7. A black cat with different-colored eyes

A black cat with different-colored eyes

8. A Maine Coon Cat with odd eyes

A Maine Coon Cat with odd eyes

9. An Asian cat with odd eyes

An Asian cat with odd eyes

10. Chomot Mot the heterochromia cat

Chomot Mot the heterochromia cat
Photo: @motmot_heterochromiakitty

Cats with different-colored eyes usually show a red-eye effect in the blue eye in flash photographs. The below picture is an example of the flash photography effect in an odd-eyed cat's blue eye, but not in the yellow eye.

An odd-eyed cat in flash photograph


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