Top 6 Dog Shows In Florida (2023)


As a dog owner, one of the most wholesome events to attend in Florida is a dog show. Moreover, there is no better place to have fun and learn new things about your breed than at a dog show. You might geek out watching one on TV. However, attending one in person gives you the chance to meet and learn from other dog owners. And since dog shows benefit humane societies, you will be helping homeless pets by attending one. With that in mind, here are the top six dog shows that take place annually in the Sunshine State. These events include All-Breed shows, Specialty Shows, Obedience, and Agility Trials. This list might help if you are looking for a dog show near you to attend in Florida.

1. AKC National Championship Dog Show

AKC National Championship

The American Kennel Club has been hosting the National Championship dog show every year at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, US. The first National Championship event was held in 2001 in Orlando. More than five thousand dogs from the United States and all over the world come to compete at the event. However, only seven of them go to best in the show. You can either attend the show in person or watch it online on AKC TV.

2. North FL Classic Cluster Dog Show

North FL Classic Cluster Dog Show

The North FL Classic Cluster is an annual dog show event held by the Ochlockonee River Kennel Club of Florida in partnership with the Okaloosa Kennel Club and Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers Association. The AKC-Sanctioned club hosts an annual Dog Show event that includes six Obedience and Rally Trials, three Agility Trials, five Dock Diving shows, nine FASTCAT trials, five Lure Coursing trials, and six All-Breed Conformation Shows. The event is usually held at the North Florida Fair Grounds in Tallahassee. They have a friendly entrance fee of $10. Visit the club's webpage for their 2023 show dates.

3. Strawberry Classic All Breed Dog Show

Strawberry Classic All Breed Dog Show

The Lakeland Winter Haven Kennel Club host the Strawberry Classic All-Breed Dog Show each year in Florida. Based in Polk County, LWHKC is committed to the education, welfare and betterment of Purebred dogs. The club's three-day event includes dog shows such as Conformation, Obedience, Rally, Barn Hunt, Lure coursing, Doc Diving, and Frisby. Visit the club's webpage for more information as it becomes available in 2023.

4. Mastiff Club of Florida Specialties

Mastiff Club of Florida Specialties

The Mastiff Club of Florida (MCOF) holds two Specialty shows each year in June at the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa. Unlike All Breed dog shows, Specialty shows are limited to a single breed, hence the name Mastiff Club. This means there is no better place to learn about your Mastiff dog than at a Mastiff Specialty Show. In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet and learn new things from other mastiff dog owners like you. Furthermore, there is a guaranteed cash prize of up to $1,000 if your Mastiff becomes a New Champion. Visit MCPF's website for more info on their 2023 event.

5. Fort Lauderdale Dog Club Show

Fort Lauderdale Dog Club Show

Fort Lauderdale Dog Club holds a 3-day all-breed AKC Conformation event every year in April at the South Florida Fairgrounds in West Palm Beach, FL. In addition, the club hosts other wonderful AKC activities such as Trick Dog and AKC Match Shows. This event gives dog owners in Palm Beach County the chance to socialize their dogs in an informal and educational dog show environment. And while it’s pure fun, you also get to meet other dog enthusiasts who are already part of the AKC community. For the club's 2023 show schedule, visit its webpage.

6. West Volusia Kennel Club Annual Dog Show

West Volusia Kennel Club Annual Dog Show

The West Volusia Kennel Club holds an annual dog show every year in September at the Volusia County Fairgrounds in DeLand, Florida. The parking fee is $5 and admission is free. The three-day event includes dog sports such as Fast CAT and Dock Diving. More than 100 dog breeds are represented over the three days of shows.

Furthermore, the club hosts an annual picnic in the summer and holds several fun activities during the year. In addition, the club hosts 'Meet the Breed' events throughout Volusia County. Besides, DeLand is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the United States. Visit their official webpage to stay up to date on their 2023 event schedule.

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