Top 4 Giant/Tallest Dogs Ever In The United States


One of the tallest dog breeds in the world is unarguably the majestic Great Dane. The dog may not quite be the largest in the world but it is the tallest. According to records, four Great Danes from the United States have held the title of the tallest dog in the world. Regardless of appearance, these dogs are known for being loving and playful. Nevertheless, the Great Dane is also one of the most commonly restricted dog breeds in the United States.

Moreover, these giant dogs can be expensive to care for because of their size. According to the AKC, large-breed dog food and accessories, in addition to medication, are generally more expensive than those for smaller dogs. Because of this, you should be financially prepared before owning a giant dog. With that in mind, here are the top four giant and tallest dogs ever in the United States.

1. Zeus: The tallest dog ever

Zeus: The tallest dog ever in the US

The tallest dog ever in the United States and probably in the whole world was Zeus, a male grey Great Dane who lived with his owners in Otsego, Michigan. According to Kevin and Denise Doorlag, Zeus' owners, Zeus was a fabulously loving and friendly dog who loved playing with cats around the house. Sadly, Zeus passed away from symptoms of old age at the age of five in 2014. At the time of his death, Zeus was standing 7.4 feet tall on his hind legs, towering over his owners, according to Guinness World Records. From his foot to his withers, Zeus was measuring 44 inches.

Zeus The tallest Great Dane dog ever

Furthermore, the dog was weighing 155 pounds and according to his owners, he ate about twelve cups of food a day, which cost the owners a handsome amount of money. Whenever taken out by his owners, Zeus got a lot of attention with some people wondering if he was a dog or a horse. This was because Zeus was the same size as an average donkey. The typical lifespan of the Great Dane dog breed is just six to eight years.

2. Zeus the Great Dane: Tallest dog alive

Zeus the Great Dane: Tallest dog alive

Coincidently, the tallest dog in the United States after Zeus is an American Great Dane from Bedford, Texas, also named Zeus. Standing at 7 feet on his hind legs, the Guinness World Records office confirmed Zeus the Great Dane as the tallest dog living in the United States and the whole world in May 2022. According to the Washington PostZeus the Great Dane, who likes to sit on laps, weighs two hundred pounds and was measured with a stick designed for horses. Zeus' owner, Brittany Davis, decided to reach out to Guinness World Records because she taught her Zeus was likely taller than the former Zeus. However, the former Zeus happened to be a bit taller.

Zeus the Great Dane

According to Brittany, feeding Zeus the Great Dane is quite expensive. The giant canine eats twelve cups of "Gentle Giants" large breed dog food a day (6 cups in the morning and 6 cups in the afternoon). In addition, Zeus occasionally enjoys fried eggs, bully sticks, and ice cubes, which is his all-time favorite treat. At home, Zeus loves playing with his 3 miniature Australian Shepherd siblings and his feline sister, Penelope. Based on her experience, Zeus' owner urges you to be prepared to spend money on dog food if you are interested in owning a large dog breed. Currently, Zeus enjoys an Instagram page of more than six thousand followers.

3. Atlas the Great Dane

Atlas the Great Dane

The presumptive tallest living dog in the United States and probably in the whole world is Atlas, a black and white spotted purebred German Harlequin Great Dane from Santa Rosa County, Florida. At six years old, Atlas weighs 225 pounds and stands 104 centimeters tall from his paws to his withers. Atlas' owner, Spencer Seay, is currently in the process of certifying that her dog is the tallest in the world. According to the Pensacola News Journal, Seay has been in contact with Guinness officials for three years as the review process is long and tedious.

The Seay family told the news outlet that they had had to do twenty different things, including taking multiple videos of the dog running on flat surfaces, within those three years and are now waiting for confirmation from Guinness officials. Seay said she had to stop taking Atlas with her to eat in public places because she could not eat her food due to many admirers lining up to take photos with the dog.

4. Lizzy the Tallest Female Great Dane

Lizzy the Tallest Female Great Dane

In 2016, a black and white Great Dane named Lizzy, from Fort Myers, Florida, broke the record of the tallest living female dog in the United States and the whole world. The harlequin Great Dane was standing at 96.41 cm tall. According to Lizzy's owner, Greg Sample, the dog had incredibly attained such height at the age of three. Unfortunately, Lizzy kicked the bucket in 2017 at the age of eight. She lived with two adorable Terriers and a cat.

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